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Thank You For Creating "Black Gold"

the project

Composting is an important alternative to garbage export! Our project provides a place for people to drop off their compostable waste (food, paper, plant debris, etc) locally and divert a large portion of their household waste from export. Plus, we make "black gold"!

the steps

The North Brooklyn Compost Project is a volunteer-run compost pile in McCarren Park that helps its 300+ members reduce waste and improve soil. The North Brooklyn Compost Project continues to grow. Powered by your trash and dreams of a smaller communal footprint, our beloved McCarren Park site is busting at the seams. Literally! We need to purchase and install a new fence that will help to keep us separated from our doggy friends next door and improve overall site operations.

why we're doing it

Currently, New York City waste is trucked around the city and exported for landfill or incineration in New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania and so on. The impacts of dealing with garbage this way are felt in communities who live all along these truck routes, transfer stations and disposal sites. Public money is thrown away on polluting the air and wearing down the roads to export thousands of tons of compostable material each day in New York City. We think waste export is itself a waste! Our compost project creates a very valuable product, and spares all these negative impacts!


Our next big material need before next season is a fence replacement between our site and the Small Dog Run. The best estimate we got was $850. Also, we have members interested in running some vermicomposting workshops during the cold weather. If we threw in a few worm bins to give away, say 5 to raffle off (@ $50 per) over the course of 5 workshops...we have a new budget of $1100. ioby fees: $165


Thank You For Creating "Black Gold"




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