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the project

We are seeking to send 10 of our volunteers to composting 'college' so they can become master composters from the courses offered at the Queens Botanical Gardens. They will in turn go out and teach community groups composting 101 and get everyone in the composting mood. After they complete the lengthy course they will be designated as Master Composters and set loose among the many groups eager to learn the correct way to compost. Applicants have to apply and be approved as class size is limited.

the steps

We will recruit 10 willing and able volunteers who will commit to taking the Master composter training course at Queens Botanical Gardens. The fee covers the cost of the training. Our volunteers stand ready to learn and then go out and teach youth and adults that want to learn the proper way to compost. Limited class size and applicants should be affiliated with a group to complete the teaching component of the composting class. This will be for a class in 2013 as the deadline for 2012 has passed.

why we're doing it

We are doing this to reduce solid waste, provide great rich compost for backyard gardens and to help others do the same thing. Its great to grow vegetables and flowers in your own homemade compost and its very easy-once you know the tricks of the trade.


Budget is for training fees for 10 people at 50.00 each for the entire course.
10 hats at 11.00=110
10 t shirts at 12.00 each+120

Subtotal = $730
3% 3rd party credit card processing fee = $21.90
Budget Total = $751.90


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