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620 Schenck Avenue
(East New York)
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the project

We are raising funds for a new solar powered greenhouse and an expanded site for our growing community composting operation. These two projects aim to improve the infrastructure of UCC Youth Farm and support the self-reliance of East New York's robust network of community gardeners.

East New York Farms' community composting operation currently diverts food scraps from local farmers markets, NYCHA community centers, institutions, and individual households.  Our fundraising efforts will allow us to purchase a cargo bicycle to collect food scraps from points around our neighborhood, create a cemented area on the farm for efficient larger-scale community composting in windrow piles, and to pay a local contractor to assist us in building both the compost area and new greenhouse. This will greatly expand the amount of compostable materials we can divert from the landfill, and increase our supply of finished compost that we can distribute to local community and backyard gardeners.

Our greenhouse project will replace our small, aging greenhouse with a new, solar-powered greenhouse and will more than double our capacity to grow seedlings both for our farms and to give to community gardeners. ENYF grows seedlings for many Carribean diasporic crops that can't be found at gardening centers including a variety of hot and seasoning peppers, bitter melon, malabar spinach and others. The solar power will allow us to heat and ventilate the greenhouse, essential to growing healthy, strong seedlings! 


the steps

March-April 2021: Clear area for new compost site and disassemble old greenhouse; purchase framing materials for greenhouse.

May-June 2021: Design new compost collection program which will expand our network of food scrap collection sites. Build new greenhouse structure

June-July 2021: Purchase bicycle, pour cement pad for compost site. Coordinate with partners to begin new weekly collections of food scraps. Work with solar power expert to design and build solar module for new greenhouse.

why we're doing it

We envisioned these two projects to increase our support for the network of community gardeners in East New York. A core aspect of East New York Farms' mission is to work towards food justice in our community by empowering and resourcing our neighbors to grow their own food. By expanding our greenhouse and outfitting it with a source of heat, we will dramatically increase the number of seedlings we give away to gardeners each spring. Expanding our compost site will allow us to increase our intake of food scraps from local businesses, community centers and households, creating a local supply of organically produced compost for our gardens.



Expanded community compost site: $6,000

Solar panel installation for greenhouse: $7,000

Additional greenhouse supplies: $1,172.60

Contractor fee: $1,000


TOTAL RAISED = $15,625.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $452.40



Expanded community compost site: $6,000

Solar panel installation for greenhouse: $7,000

Additional greenhouse supplies: $1,000

Contractor fee: $1,000

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $465
TOTAL TO RAISE = $15,500


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