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the project

A new garden space will be added to our site this year and there is ample space for large compost bins. This event would be held for one or two weeks each fall. Every spring, the finished compost would be distributed by students and volunteers to the school and park gardens. The garden spaces at the school and OSH create a hands-on opportunity for outdoor observation and experiencing a sustainable environment -- the soil, drought tolerant plants, bio-intensive planting, water conservation, planting in succession so the soil is never bare. We do not use chemical fertilizers or herbicides. We plant insectary hedges to bring beneficial insects to the garden. We encourage bird populations by providing shelter and food, another natural control for bad insects. We save seeds and replant them. But it all starts with the soil.

the steps

Work with the school and invite the community to learn about and participate in the program. Build compost bins. Begin composting program. Announce the jack-o-lantern collection at the OSH Harvest festival in mid-October. Host a jack-o-lantern collection event the day(s) after Halloween. Continue to compost leaves from the park all season. Continue community education programs.

why we're doing it

We are working to build soil quality by making compost with on site material and by applying mulch. The idea is to have the middle school students and volunteers chop up old jack 'o' lanterns and mix them with leaves collected from the Park. Currently, the Parks department throws away all leaves that are collected -- hundreds of plastic garbage bags full each fall. The compost will break down faster and more completely if we are able to shred the leaves with a lawnmower before we add them. The goal is to operate a very clean example of waste reclamation for the Parks Department, for the general public and for the students. The bins will need to be rodent proof.


Electric lawn mower, $300 Home Depot Recycled Plastic Lumber, $800 for 2 12x5x4 bins Home Depot Plastic bins, gloves, misc supplies, $100 Hope Depot REVISED OCTOBER 15TH 2010 Concrete pad to rat-proof and level compost bins $800 Gravel for footing $200 ioby fee = $80


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