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the project

Our mission is to empower local residents to take collective action on the issue of food waste. Compost NOW (New Orleans Waste) began in 2017 with a simple idea: provide free, weekly food waste drop-off sites for those interested in keeping their food waste from the landfill but who didn't have the time, interst or espace to compost in their backyard. 

We began at two New Orleans Public Library sites, one day a week, and have expanded to ten library sites, six days a week, plus we partner with Tulane Law School who host a site as well. We have diverted over 262,000 pounds of food waste waste from the landfill and have hosted two compost conferences. 

We have dozens of volunteers who host the collections, to answer questions and ensure the bins are not contaminated. We have partnered with over half a dozen local farms who turn the scraps into nutrient-rich compost or feed their farm animals. We provide this free service to hundreds of families each week and are truly building a community of composters in New Orleans. 

the steps

We had an emergency shortfall at the end of 2019, and needed to raise $1700 which we were able to do, including some of the money raised already during this campaign -- thank you!

UPDATE: We added a new drop-off site on January 5th, at the Robert E Smith Library in Lakeview. We hope to add another later in the year (exact date dependent on consruction schedule of that branch) to provide collections in even more neighborhoods.

Additional sites means we need to buy more bins, and growing sites means buying more bins as well. For example: we now collect between 1000-1200 pounds at Rosa Keller Library each week!

In order to remain open for all of 2020 -- we are only committed through to May 15th at this point -- we also need to raise money to hire a part-time coordinator who will ensure the program keeps operating smoothly once the founder, Lynne Serpe, goes out of town for several months. 

If we are able to raise $6000 by April 1st (only partially through ioby) then we will post a  job description in the Spring with a goal of hiring someone by mid-May.

why we're doing it

The City of New Orleans does not offer curbside municipal composting. When we began Compost NOW, they did not even offer any drop-off locations for local residents. They finally offered a once-a-month option after we had been opertaing for about 16 months. They have since expanded to twice-a-month, on the Second and Fourth Saturdays, at a single location.

In comparison, Compost NOW hosts nearly 50 drop offs every month. We are in eleven different neighborhoods, six days a week and we hope to add even more neighborhoods. Asking people to bring their food scraps from their home to another location is a lot -- we try to make it as easy and convenient as possible by being in so many different parts of the city, on different days and times. Our drop offs are always free! 

We partner with the New Orleans Public Library because they are a trusted public space, open to all, across all socio-economic lines. Libraries are inherently about resource sharing, are multi-generational, multi-racial and multi-ethnic.

Tulane Law School added a drop-off site after we presented to their students. 


First Two Quarters 2020:

Staffing: $300 per month (times 6 = $1800)

Transportation: $200 per month (times 6 = 1200)

Bins: $500


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $109


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