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the project

Compost for Brooklyn (C4B), a community composting project and native plant garden, serves a diverse and multi-lingual community, and we are sometimes challenged when communicating about the garden and the compost process with neighbors who are not native English speakers.

Through DesigNYC's "Recharging Communities" project, graphic designer Karen Greenberg is volunteering her time and skills to design both permanent signage for our garden gates and replicable brochures  to inform people about C4B, the composting process, and how they can participate. Her designs will include pictograms for simple, attractive communication, along with clear, easily-translated text.

DesigNYC has provided us with valuable design services, but raising money for materials is up to us. We seek donations to help us with the most important part of this exciting partnership--implementing Karen Greenberg's design work--which will require a budget for signage materials and brochure printing.

the steps

  1. Work with graphic designer to create sign and brochure designs;
  2. Find sign materials and printers for metal signs for the garden gate;
  3. Find a printer for banner signage to identify ourselves at events;
  4. Find a printer for environmentally friendly brochures;
  5. Print signs, hang signs, hand out brochures, and engage the public in our community and at events!

why we're doing it

Compost for Brooklyn (C4B) is a community composting project based in Kensington, Brooklyn. We are committed to ecological restoration, composting, and environmental education in our local neighborhood and beyond. Founded in March 2010, C4B has transformed a vacant lot into a community composting project and thriving refuge for native plants and community members. Compost is collected during weekly drop-off hours and other collection initiatives and, when finished, used to amend depleted soils and cultivate healthy ecosystems.


We just wrapped up a hugely successful workday with our community partners and fellow ioby project, the Newkirk Cares Collaborative. 50+ volunteers came out to help spread compost (that's right, the compost that we've made from our neighbors' food scraps) and mulch to over 30 street trees. We hope you'll join us for the next workday on 4/15. Check out some of the pictures from today here:
Happy Earth Day! Last Sunday Compost for Brooklyn got a special visit from the ioby team and National Geographic! We, Newkirk Cares Collaborative, and Parkville Farmshare CSA were happy to show them around, as dozens of volunteers cared for street trees, kids planted seeds and started nature journals, and friends and neighbors dropped off their food scraps.


Two 3’x3’ aluminum signs: $500 ( or designer recommendation) One 2’x5’ vinyl banner: $150 ( or designer recommendation) 500 brochures with inserts of different languages: $150 - $200 ( or designer recommendation) Subtotal = $850 3% 3rd party credit card processing fee = $25.5 Budget Total = $875.50 Total raised = $885


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