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Bx Compost Bike Tour Date

the project

We've been organizing annual Compost Bike Tours across NYC since 2014.  Our small team of volunteers have toured Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan visiting community gardens, Food-Scrap Drop-Off sites, farms, and compost facilities hosted by the NYC Compost Project. 

It's time to tour The Bronx and we are planning to do so this spring! Our initial ride will encompass the South Bronx with a route of ~10 miles. We will be  visiting local organics processing facilities and showcase how decentralized operations can meet NYC waste management goals and feed our soils across  street trees, parks, gardens instead of landfills. 

The tour ends with a Zero-Waste BBQ to all bicycle and community participants.

the steps

This ride takes considerable time, energy, and sweat to make it successful. It has always been free and our hope is to create a How To Guide to share these learnings and resources with the wider community allowing more participants to engage and understand the value of soil health.

  • Plan bicycle route map of composting locations in the Bronx
  • Create guided tours with Bronx community gardeners and community composting programs
  • Develop menu for the Zero-Waste BBQ - ensure locally sourced food and ingredients from farmers markets and farms
  • Design outreach material for awareness to increase access of compost knowledge through hands-on learning opportunities
  • Promote bicycle tour with themes of environmental justice, decentralization of waste management, and community action 

Inviting you to join our movement and be part of the generation looking out for our future!

why we're doing it

WHY compost?

Waste Reduction: We can create healthy natural fertilizer for our gardens and farms by processing food scraps locally instead of going to landfill

Healthy Lives: We can have cleaner air by composting locally due to a reduction of waste-vehicle traffic from releasing harmful emissions

Your Wallet: NYC spends $450 million dollars to move trash each year. Imagine if we reallocate this amount into green jobs & local employment


This process of innovation supports both local and global movements for ecological restoration. We plan to have the tour on either May 8 or June 4 as two potential dates.


Zero Waste BBQ: Food Supplies, Transport of Material, Chefs - $900.

Outreach & Promotion: Marketing and Digital Flyers, Creating "How To Guide" - $750.

Community Composting and Garden Honorariums - $750.

Miscellaneous: Bike Parts, Health Kits - $100.

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Bx Compost Bike Tour Date

We've confirmed the date of the Bike Tour + Community BBQ for Saturday, June 25 (Rain-date June 26).  We are excited to share route details and logistics and are busily finalizing the event. Looking forward to share insights shortly. 

50% of campaign goal!

Thank you so much for the continuous support!  We are looking for a Bronx based graphic designer to create and design flyers for outreach & promotion. We are trying our best to keep funding amounts local and specifically to the Bronx for this campaign.  

25% of Goal Reached!

Thank you so much for the financial assistance. This will help us support the first 2-3 composting sites on our Bronx Tour while we begin to develop logistics and route map with key potential stakeholders such as GreenFeen Organix and NYBG. 


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