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Louise B
Newkirk Avenue and East 8th Street
Brooklyn (Kensington)
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Thank you! New compost bins and rain water harvesting system.

the project

"Compost for Brooklyn provides free community composting. Every week, our neighbors come to the garden to relax, get their hands dirty, and drop off their veggie scraps, coffee grinds, and other organic waste they have collected throughout the week. Next, we transform that organic waste into high quality compost. Then we use the compost to cultivate healthy ecosystems in the garden and throughout the neighborhood, making our neighbors smile and providing beneficial insects, including monarch butterflies, with a place to eat and rest. Over the past year, the project has grown quickly! Your donation will help us revamp our current composting system so that we can continue to offer free community composting and improve our education and outreach programs."

the steps

1) Build five new compost bins. 2) Build a new compost sifter. 3) Expand drop-off hours. 4) Show off our new system at our June 5th Block Party! 5) Begin to offer regular workshops and demonstrations.

why we're doing it

Every day, we send our organic waste to landfills as far away as Virginia and Pennsylvania. Not only is our trash sitting in plastic-lined mountains, unable to decompose, but at least a third of that trash could be transformed right here in Brooklyn into a resource that helps us grow happier and healthier communities! That resource is compost, a natural fertilizer that amends soil, protects plants from disease, and provides them with nutrients.


Item Number Cost Source Compost Crank 2 $84.00 Lower East Side Ecology Center Red Wiggler Worms 1/2 pound $11.00 Lower East Side Ecology Center Worm Condo 1 $55.00 Lower East Side Ecology Center Plastic Barrels 4 $20.00 Compost Thermometer 1 $26.00 Hardware Cloth 4 rolls $159.12 Lowes Staple Gun Staples 1 pack $5.00 Pitch Fork 2 $40.00 5-gallon Buckets 10 $27.80 Lowes 5-gallon Buckets Lids 10 $12.80 Lowes Hand Truck 1 $44.96 Lowes Printing of instructions / information $100.00 Scale 1 $15.00 Lowes Carriage bolts 12 $14.36 Washers and bolts $5.00 Galvanized screws 2 lbs. $17.38 gloves 30 pairs $35.00 Lumber (cedar) $500.00 Dykes Lumber Shed (detailed spreadsheet in CfB folder) $632 TOTAL $1,804 ioby fee=144 project budget increased on 4/14 to accomodate overflowing donations and subsequent matches


Thank you! New compost bins and rain water harvesting system.


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