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the project

We're building compost sites in PARKnership with the City of Alexandria. And you can help!

The City values sustainable lifestyles and practices, which is why they encourage composting food scraps by making it an accessible option for all city residents. Currently the City sends collected food scraps to a compost site 30 minutes outside Alexandria’s boundaries, and that site is primarily accessible by an automobile only. Compost Alex is doing this project to provide Alexandria residents with local sites to compost food scraps. Even better, if we make one compost site by the end of June, 2018 we can get a second compost site made by the City. The deal is that Compost Alex will make the first site at the Four Mile Run Park, and the City of Alexandria will match the work to make the second site at Ben Brenman Park.

Compost Alex will combine the designs from the Hammond Middle School compost and worm site and the Compost Knox three bin compost system to build a site in the Four Mile Run Park. 


- The compost site at Hammond Middle School. The closer structure is a worm bed with thousands of worms at work on composted material.


- Compost Knox three bin system. These are “hot boxes” where food scraps heat up while composting into earthy material.


- The Four Mile Run Park compost site, located on the north side of the park's Mt. Vernon Plaza.

the steps

1) Purchase the compost site lumber, hardware cloth, and additional construction materials to build four hot composting boxes and a worm bed for the Four Mile Run Park site.

2) Build the Four Mile Run Park site with the assistance of volunteers during the last week of June.

3) Use the PARKnership Award community matching benefits provided by the City of Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities (RPCA) to double the fundraiser donations and volunteer efforts. All fundraising we turn in to RPCA by the end of June, 2018 will be matched by in the PARKnership, and money we turn in afterwards will go towards the overall project.

4) Partner with RPCA to construct a compost site at Ben Brenman Park during the Fall of 2018.

why we're doing it

Compost Alex believes that if you eat, you can compost.

If you live in or near Alexandria, Virginia, then Compost Alex is your community that encourages seeing good composting happen throughout Alexandria. And right now there's an opportunity to make two compost sites where people can visit, see, volunteer and dig into the composting fun. Back in 2017, our Compost Alex community applied for a PARKnership's the City's Department of Recreation, Parks & Cultural Activities community matching fund program... and that’s where we said we wanted to make these composting sites a reality.

We won! And now we're raising the funds for this project where each dollar raised by the end of June will be matched by the PARKnership award as we progress toward our composting goals. 

So for $1 given to this Compost Alex project equals $2 for the PARKnership compost sites.

We're eating, composting, contributing, and building -- we are a Compost Alex community in PARKnership with the City of Alexandria.


Disbursed Budget 8.1.18

Raised = $1,020.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $45.60
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $27.36
Total to Disburse = $912.04

Updated Budget 7.10.18

Materials and tools for worm bed and hot compost bin - $2,500
Hired contract laborers - was $2,300, *now it's $0 thanks to community
volunteers helping out!*
Wayfinding signs - $1,000 - No longer needed* thanks to the City helping
with this!*
Subtotal = $2,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $75
Total to raise = $2,610


Original Budget

Materials and tools for worm bed and hot compost bin - $2,500

Hired contract laborers - $2,300

Wayfinding signs - $1,000

aterials and tools for worm bed and hot compost bin - $2,500

Subtotal = $7,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $350
Donation Processing Fee (3%) $210
Total to raise = $7,595



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