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We hit our goal! Thank you so much!

the project

The Third Street School Garden located at 121 East 3rd Street in the East Village in Manhattan was rebuilt in May 2017. The original garden was removed in 2015 because of a long and delayed facade restoration. Parents, students and caregivers volunteered their time to meet, design, and construct the new garden area and materials were funded by donations and a generous grant from the DOE. As a result, we have nearly 300 square feet of planting area and an outdoor classroom space. The garden is constructed primarily of cedar for durability and all planters and beds are raised. Half of them have sub-irrigation installed for easy maintenance and care. However, we stil need to finish the garden!

This year, we need to finish building 5 more planters that will run under a 16 foot trellis that we built. We also need to install subirrigation in them and fill them with soil. We need to add soil to existing planters. To celebrate the final garden phase, we will have a garden rededication ceremony on June 6.

the steps

Garden Planter Construction:
Purchase wood, hardware, materials for irrigation
Installation of irrigation and soil

Garden Harvesting, Cooking and Sampling
Show students how to to harvest salad greens, bowls to collect veggies, etc.
Wash and dry greens
Toss salad
Show students how to make dressing
Dress salad
Serve salad to students and get their feedbackGarden Celebration:

Save the Date
Develop invite list and program
Purchase supplies, catering, etc.
Advertise event to students, teachers, parents and caregivers
Fundraiser for event supplies
Order trinkets

why we're doing it

Green space is lacking in NYC and especially for children. By creating this garden in the couryard entrance space, we hope to give kids a place to socialize, do homework, or find some quiet natural space. We also use the garden in the school's curriculum. We received a grant to purchase and provide light kits and seedling supplies so that classes could grow vegetable plants from seed in the winter and those plants will be put into the garden. Children will learn about the plant cycle and how their care and work can impact the garden. We also have a small compost program (also grant-funded) that further teaches children about creating soil from plant and organic material. Having integrated projects that incorporate science and social curriculum into them benefits and enhances the educational experience of our students.


$600 Cedar wood (All planters were made from cedar for durablility)
$50 Screws, hardware
$70 Pond liner (for sub-irrigated planter construction)
$70 Linseed Oil (2 gallons, for preserving wood)

$135 Perlite (16 cu feet)
$400 Topsoil (75 cu feet)
$60 Compost (12 cu feet)
$90 Peat (8 cu feet)

$300 Food
$100 Supplies (napkins, plates, cups, etc.)
$200 Drinks
$100 Awards for donors
$325 Trinkets/Tshirts/Bags

SUBTOTAL = 2,500
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $75


Lumber/Hardware for 5 - 5 foot Planters: $800
Soil/Mulch: $797.09
Event Supplies/TY placard: $200
Program Supplies for 2018-19 (e.g. seeds, plants, landscaping fabric, 
owl decoy (pest deterrent), new hose): $800
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $77.91
Total: $2710

RAISED = $2,710.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $77.91



We hit our goal! Thank you so much!

Thank you to the numerous donors who make this happen! We are so excited and we had a great celebration and THANK YOU to all our donors, volunteers and funders who made the garden REAL. It grows and it is good! :D xoxoxo

So close to goal!

Thank you for the generous support! We are so close to goal. These funds will carry us into the 2018-19 school year. We already have bigger plans for the summer and next year and the plants are growing like crazy so we are excited to see what happens during the summer and when the kids come back to school. We are working with teachers to plan activities each month, have a bigger plant sale that the students can spearhead and to grow the garden (literally and figuratively). The garden is looking great so thank you so much for your support!




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