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the project

Allendale Acres provides a space for community members to grow fresh organic produce and to cultivate relationships with their fellow neighbors. The garden contributes to the surrounding neighborhood in many ways including providing a safe space for neighbors during the pandemic.

This fundraiser is incredibly important to the garden because it will help us improve the safety and the beauty of the garden, while also increasing the gardening space so more people can access fresh organic vegetables during this period of food insecurity due to COVID.

The garden is in need of more materials in order to keep the space properly maintained and safe for gardeners. That includes funding materials for a gravel pathway so that the garden walkways are safe to walk on, especially for the senior gardeners who may slip on wet grass. This project will require gravel, a new wheelbarrow, and a shed to accommodate the additional tools.  

The community garden is also in need of a electricity to help power various garden chores like weed whacking, fixing the existing fencing, trimming bushes, and tilling the ground for the pathway project. The garden also needs power for the flea market, which is the primary source of income for the garden.    

the steps

Community garden members have been meeting on a weekly basis to prepare for the gravel walkway project.  Once we receive the money we will take the following steps to ensure its successful completion.  

  • Prepare the ground by leveling it out and removing any rocks or large roots on the weekend of August 29th
  • Order gravel and have it shipped to the garden in early September
  • build the shed on September 12th
  • Build the pathway using shovels and wheelbarrows on September 19th

why we're doing it

We believe that community gardens are an incredible asset for the neighborhood because they provide a long list of benefits to the people living in them.  Allendale Acres garden is in a neighborhood that has been identified as a food desert. The community garden gives people a space to grow nutrient rich food while also cutting down the cost of spending money on groceries/bus fare. It doesn't solve the food access problem completely, but it does improve the conditions for many people.  

The garden is also a great space for educating the youth on growing vegetables, healthy eating, and environmental stewardship. Those lessons will have incredibly long lasting benefits on the youth who have participated in the garden.  That is why we donate two raised garden beds to a youth program in the community to act as an outdoor classroom.    

Community gardens also reduce pollution due to the locally sourced food it provides to the neighborhood.  Organic local vegetables reduce the pollution caused by transporting food long distance and through eliminating the need for fertilizer and pesticides.    




Allendale Acres Revised Budget 
Item Price      
Gravel 350      
Shed 400      
compost toilet 1000      
wheelbarrow  100      
two raised beds 400      
weed wacker 100      
soil 100      
raid barrel parts 100      
electric 950      
Fence materials  1500      
Other Gardeneing materials  1000      
materials for compost station 47.9      
Total price $6,047.90      

TOTAL RAISED = $6,140.00 $6,140.00
ioby Platform Fee waived $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $92.10 $91.05
TOTAL TO DISBURSE= $6,047.90 $6,013.95


Gravel - $350

Shed - $400

Compost toilet - $1000 - we have no restroom facilities, which can be an issue for gardeners and on volunteer days.  

Wheelbarrow - $100

Two raised beds - $400

Weed Wacker - $100

Soil - $100

Rain barrel parts -$100

Electric - $950

Fence materials - $1500 

Other gardening materials - $1,000
Total = $6000 

ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.  


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