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the project

CDP Co’s annual Community Collaborative Show brings together numerous local professional and pre-professional choreographers and dancers to showcase short works to the Cleveland community. The theme of this year’s show, “Dance and the Human Experience”, will illuminate how dance can be used as a powerful tool for communication and expression of the human experience. 

Dance is an art that has been practiced, enjoyed and used to bring people together by all cultures across all of human history. Dance gives all of us, no matter who we are or where we come from, a platform for personal expression and a pathway for social connection; serving as a one of a kind and truly inclusive cultural phenomenon.

Stay tuned as we will soon announce the list of local performing artists and groups for this years show!


the steps

Our project timeline:

February 2024: We put out our open call for local choreographer/ artistic applications. View the application here:

March 31, 2024: Artists to be featured in the Collab Show are chosen collaboratively by CDP Co’s board. Artists chosen to be featured will be selected based on the depth of their idea for their work and how they plan to relate to audience members through their work and the post- show discussion.

April- June 2024: Artists will rehearse their pieces with their dancers. 

June 22, 2024: Collaborative Showcase takes place! The showcase will be followed by a reception, which incorporates community- building programming to connect dancers/ performers and audience members.


why we're doing it

The mission of CDP Co is to promote wellness for dancers, educate the community on the benefits of movement for physical and mental health, and create works that spark thoughtful engagement with our community.

This event aligns and furthers all aspects of our mission by providing an opportunity for local dancers to further their artistry through performance, and by providing an opportunity for both dancers and non-dancers in the audience to appreciate and explore the artistry and communicative power of dance. All of CDP Co’s efforts thoughtfully explore the ability of dance as a tool for not only physical and mental wellbeing but also for facilitating a deeper connection with our own human experience and deeper connection with those around us. This event is rooted in those goals.



Our entire project budget: $5000

Line items:

  • $3000 to compensate all of our performing artists.
    • We hope to compensate each participating artistic collaborator (whether they be an established dance company or a more informal group of dancers/ artists) $500. We would hope to engage at least 6 groups of dancers in our show. We feel it is important to compensate artists for their work.
  • $2000 for venue and production costs.
    • The rental fee for the performance space, as well as technical needs for the show like lighting and sound, will cost us $2000.


Our goal is to keep this a free event! We are bringing in some grant funding to help us put on this event— but we need additional funds to be able to bring the joy and connection of this event to the community for free. 

We are diligent in working towards our goal of bringing the joy of dance to the broader community in a way that is accessible and equitable. Help us make this show free for community members to attend by donating!


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