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the project

Regional Theatre Of the Palouse seeks to crowdfund a Community Chest for Downtown Pullman WA businesses experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19. Together we will raise funds and then distribute out aid on a local level according to need. Many of our downtown business neighbors are multi-generational "Mom & Pop Shops". Due to COVID-19 many iconic storefronts are closing their doors which is devastating our community. We need financial aid relief to weather the uncertainties ahead. A crowd sourced Community Chest will aid our conglomerate of downtown Pullman businesses including coffee shops, hair salons, gift stores, night clubs, theatre venues, restaurants, maker spaces, and artisan studios. Collecting and then awarding need-based aid through a grassroots Community Chest fund will galvanize a cooperative spirit in Pullman Washington, home to Washington State University. GO COUGS! Our top priority is to help local businesses stay open, and infuse greater meaning to the Pullman Chamber of Commerce slogan "We are in this together, We are #PullmanStrong".

the steps

Upon receiving charitable donations through ioby, our team will redistribute funding to the struggling 'Mom and Pop' shops who were otherwise unable to receive CARES PPP financial relief.  Award checks up to the value of $1,500 will be processed on July 4th 2020 and issued out to small businesses and entrepreneurs through July. 

Business Community Chest Cares (CCC) Applications can be found HERE.

To nominate businesses for financial relief, fill out the CCC Business Nominations forum HERE.

why we're doing it

Regional Theatre of the Palouse is doing this because Main Street American businesses have been roadblocked. Our community of hard-working entrepreneurs is entering a recession. After generations of business, local stores that make the backbone of our main-street economy are considering closing their doors forever. While US federal government funding has been approved application systems are inundated, complicated, and difficult to navigate. 

As a non-profit performing arts venue, RTOP Theatre is committed to create economic development for Pullman. Entertainment draws people to a destination and together crowdsource funding will revitalize our downtown region. When operating, RTOP brings audience members and thousands of patrons to local restaurants, coffeehouses, gift shops, night clubs, and hotels every month. Art and entertainment have a symbiotic relationship with a region’s economic vitality. 

Since federal funding CARES PPP Relief has been roadblocked by administrative red tape, RTOP proudly present Pullman’s Community Chest Cares in obtaining crowdsourced relief. We are in this together. We are #PullmanStrong. 


This project has ZERO EXPESES and ZERO OVERHEAD.

100% of all giving will go directly to a conglomerate of downtown Pullman businesses including: coffee shops, hair salons, gift stores, night clubs, theatre venues, restaurants, maker spaces, and artisan studios.

ioby Platform Fee                                   waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)      $309
TOTAL TO RAISE =                          $10,309


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