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the project

During Spring Break 2016, students from Douglass High School, Second Baptist Church, and Streets Ministries will team up with Heights Community Development Corporation to address abandoned house blight, a primary concern for residents in the Heights neighborhoods. These abandoned properties are an invitation for unlawful activity and are threatening places for visitors and residents alike.  Students will measure and cut plywood in order to board up several vacant and dangerous homes.  Before they install the the plywood, however, students will paint designs and positive messages to be displayed on these homes.  Following their work during spring break, interested students will be invited to create and lead a team of young people who want to continue to the work of addressing abandoned property blight on a regular basis throughout the year.  Funds generated will support both the work during spring break and the work to come.  


the steps

After an initial orientation session, students will begin by walking around the neighborhood and talking to residents. They will share what and why they are addressing blight in the neighborhood.  Following this work, students will measure all the doors and windows of selected homes.  They will then cut plywood to the correct specifications. After cutting, students will paint designs or positive messages on the boards.  Finally, students will install the boards on the homes, making these homes safer and less threatening. 

why we're doing it

In a recent poll, residents listed blight as one of the primary neighborhood concerns.  Abandoned properties are an invitation for unlawful activity and are also threatening places for visitors and residents alike.  By securing these properties, it makes the area safer and by painting images  and messages on the boards, it communicates a positive message of hope and optimism to the neighborhood.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 4.19.16):

RAISED = $4,015.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $115.92

General Expenses


                  Plywood                   $890.68

                  Star bits                     $6.92

                  Rental Van                $650.00

                  Van Fuel                    $22.49

                  Notebooks, pencils               $30.90

                  Paint brushes             $107.96

                  Primer                        $89.59

                  Oops Paint (Home Depot)             $9.83

                  Oops Paint (Calhoun)                    $5.46

                  Oops (Sherwin Williams)              $0.00

                  T-shirts                       $184.50

                  Breakfasts                   $200

                  Lunches                       $125                            

TOTAL                                  $2,323.33

Tool Purchases

                  Saws, drills, t-squares,                   $1690.13

                  measuring tapes, chalk

                  lines, gloves, trash bags,



                  Saw horses, paint rollers,             $213.34

                  paint trays.


                  Plastic storage tubs for tools     $49.00                                                       

            TOTAL                                                             $,1952.47

Grand Total 2016                                                        $3,950.80



All construction items priced and to be purchased at Home Depot.  

Circular Saws (10 - 2 per house) - 800.00

Plywood (5 sheets per house x 5 houses) - 800.00

Screws (5 bulk containers) - 100.00

Drills/Drivers (10 - 2 per house) - 600.00

Measuring tape (15 - 3 per house) - 120.00

T-squares (5 - 1 per house) - 60.00

Chalk lines (5 - 1 per house) - 40.00

Construction pencils (50 - 1 per person) - 50.00

T-shirts (50 - 1 per person) - 500.00

Lunches - 400.00

Misc Expenses - 530.00

SUBTOTAL = $4,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3%  $120



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