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the project

The Cleveland Youth Greenhouse (CYG) is a community project that will harness the vision, creativity and energy of school-age children and teens to transform a vacant lot and abandoned houses into an accessible, safe, and attractive learning center and green learning lab.  The idea for the project was generated by several students of Cleveland’s MC² STEM school who participated in the City’s 2016 Sustainability Summit.  As a prototype, the project immediately grabbed the attention and interest of adults representing supporting organizations who, together with these emerging youth leaders, coalesced as a project team.

the steps

We start with a vacant lot with an abandoned building on it (ideally on a block with multiple abandoned lots so that there is room for expansion).

Month 1 - ID the property and organize project team (students, MC² STEM, Center for Ecological Culture, America’s Best Farm, others)

Month 2 -  begin fundraising, create strategic partnerships; start fall seedbed preparation

Month 3 – Complete site design and use it so update project implementation budget and schedule;

Month 3 -  Recruit, invite, promote to community stakeholders via sponsors

Month 4 -  Organize workshop training for kids in neighborhood together with the MC² students.

Our hope is that children and teens will take these skills and their new knowledge home with them, and by sharing what they learn spread knowledge and awareness with their families and friends.

why we're doing it

"I can see the young people involved more and see this being a big empowerment. Being young and stepping into a leadership role has very big implications, as it teaches us that there are adults out here who are paying attention to us, listening, being inspired by our vision, and willing to help where needed. This project is worth supporting, because it is led by some of the many youth “out there” who are passionate about making a difference, but who are seeking to partner with those adults who have the wisdom and can provide the support system that assures young people that they have our backs, no matter what!"




Renting a bulldozer for fall planting. This total rental fee is approximately $700 and the funds will go towards this fee. 


RAISED = $375.00
less ioby Platform Fee waived
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $17.86
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $10.92



SUBTOTAL = $5,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $150



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  • Jeffrey Sleasman
  • Mary Hosier
  • Anonymous
  • Justin Garrett Moore
  • Anonymous
  • Hannah Bidigare-Curtis
  • Brett Joseph
  • Indigo Bishop
  • KJG
  • Linda & Doug Wood