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the project

Local hero and club owner Cindy Barber, of The Beachland Ballroom, is spreading the love through the CLEVELAND ROCKS PAST PRESENT FUTURE nonprofit organization. Already known for making great things happen in the music world, Cindy and her team are bringing new energy as they open CLEVELAND ROCKS SHOP in the Waterloo Arts District. The CLEVELAND ROCKS SHOP will capture the spirit of what an iconic indie record store brought  to Waterloo in its fifteen-year run, while carving out an exciting new future as a resource for Cleveland's local music scene.  CLEVELAND ROCKS SHOP will occupy an original indie music storefront and become a space where local musicians find their audiences, sell their music, share new work, and get support. Look for a renovated space where visitors can find new releases, listening stations, merchandising, and in-store concerts and events, all showcasing the great creative talent in our local music scene. You can help us kick it off with a gift of any size -- and thanks to generous support from ArtPlace, all your gifts to our IOBY campaign will be doubled, up to $15,000 total. Let's make beautiful music together!

the steps

February 2020 -- we'll be on the move! We're securing the storefront space for CLEVELAND ROCKS SHOP and making simple renovations and updates to prep for the great in-store programs we're going to be offering in our newly imagined space, dreaming up great events and programs!

March 2020 -- we'll be stocking the shelves at CLEVELAND ROCKS SHOP and training the team, creating listening stations, designing podcasts, scheduling pop-up concerts and in-store events, along with concert promos and more, all getting ready for you to come visit!

April 2020 -- we'll open the doors of CLEVELAND ROCKS SHOP! watch this space for details and be sure to join us!

why we're doing it

For more than 20 years, Cindy Barber has dedicated her considerable energy and talent to fostering a diverse and eclectic music scene here in Cleveland.  In fact, her nationally acclaimed music venue, the Beachand Ballroom, will turn 20 in March 2020.  And what better way to celebrate than bring more great music to the party, with a new space, new programs and more ways to support local music? Thanks to Cindy's non-profit initiative, CLEVELAND ROCKS PAST PRESENT FUTURE, we'll be able to do just that, creating a channel dedicated to supporting and sharing local musicians, right next door to the Beachland Ballroom and in the heart of the Waterloo Arts District. We'll re-energize a beloved storefront space that became dormant when Music Saves, the seminal independent music store, closed its doors in 2018. We'll bring new energy to the Waterloo Arts District, a unique creative community known for innovative and artist-centered initiatives, and we'll provide direct support to local musicians to help share the great work they're doing. We know Cleveland has the talent, but musicians struggle to support their art when they don't have the channels to get their work out to new listeners, and to support sales and marketing. We also know that more than 80,000 visitors come to Waterloo Road every year, for arts and music events. We're going to create the channels, engage the visitors, capture the magic and support our artists -- and we want you to help us make it happen!

Right now, we have a very special opportunity through this IOBY campaign. Thanks to a generous matching grant from Art Place, your gifts will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $15,000 total. That means every $50 gift becomes $100, every $100 becomes $200, every $500 becomes $1,000. You get the idea, and you know that when the community of music lovers comes together on Waterloo, great things are going to happen. Every gift helps, and your support is so appreciated. We can't wait to turn on the lights, crank up the music and celebrate our new space when CLEVELAND ROCKS SHOP opens its doors this spring!


$5,000 - Renovating and securing our fantastic new Cleveland Rocks storefront

$5,000 - Bringing in an awesome crew to support all our great programming

$10,000 - Hiring artists and musicians for those great programs!

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $620
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $20,655


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