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the project

Good transit is essential for members of our community to access jobs, school, healthcare... opportunity.

Transit helps to reduce traffic, pollution, and oil consumption, all of which benefit both riders and non-riders alike.

And it's more than just Cleveland. Good transit helps our whole region: it provides access to jobs, creates jobs, revitalizes neighborhoods, and saves money on infrastructure and vehicle costs.


Transit in our community is in a death spiral. Fares are too expensive, service has been cut drastically, buses are late and often don't get people where they need to go in a reasonable amount of time. What is to be done?

Clevelanders for Public Transit (CPT) exists to make transit better- by riders, for riders.

Clevelanders for Public Transit was born in 2015 when transit riders in our community faced more fare increases and cuts to transit service. Since 2005, transit fares have doubled while service has declined over 25%. Fares were planned to increase to $2.75 which would have made fares as high as New York City. Of course transit service in our community is no where near NYC.

CPT organized to prevent this fare increase, saving transit riders over $1 million every year! We also organized residents of Lakeview Terrance, East 79th Street, and Cedar Avenue to maintain transit for those that need it most.

All this was done with the hard work of volunteers. Now we need your help to continue to make transit better.


the steps


2019 is a big year for transit in our community! CPT plans to kick off the year by:

  • Hiring a lead organizer for CPT that is accountable to our membership and move our mission forward. Read our bylaws here.

  • Ensuring RTA hires a CEO that will advocate for riders. Read our full recommendations here.

  • Appointing a rider to the RTA Board of Trustees. The City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County need to take action.

  • Participating in RTA bus network redesign. Making sure riders are priority with more convenient bus routes and bringing back free transfers.

  • Stopping the criminalization of transit riders and advocacing for our Fair Fares plan. Read the plan here.

  • And much more.. 


Short-term Plan:

Meet with officials and RTA board regarding our RTA CEO recommendations.

Prepare and promote transit IQ and transit redesign teach-in for transit riders.

Plan and submit rider candidates for RTA Board appointments.


Mid-term Plan:

Participate in RTA system redesign meetings.

Hold transit IQ and redesign teach-in for transit riders.

Plan summer transit celebration and national speaker on Public Square.

Focus on reinstating and expanding proof-of-payment on HealthLine.

Present our Fair Fares platform to new RTA board members and reengage existing board members.

Work with City and County Council for transit friendly local policy.



Conduct rider survey and establish bus outreach captains. CPT talked to over 500 riders in 2015 which helped identify priority areas and build membership. #1 concern was cheaper fares! 

Improve the safety of Cleveland streets by representing riders as a stakeholder in the City's Vision Zero Taskforce.

Submit a package of reforms to allow for additional ways to pay for transit and to decriminzalize fare evasion to state legislators.

Participate in state budget hearings as able.



why we're doing it

Clevelanders for Public Transit is known in Cleveland as being the best organized group. We are committed, we have a vision, and we do the work.

We are working towards the full implementation of our Transit Bill of Rights that was developed with riders in 2015.

Read our Transit Bill of Rights here.

Our long-term plan is to organize a Northeast Ohio Riders Union.


CPT is inspired by the Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott. Rosa Parks birthday is February 4th, which is national Transit Equity Day. We will not forget her act of resistance and the 380 day bus boycott to highlight the rights of all people to good transit. 


Until our community has good transit we need CPT.

With your help, CPT will continue to be the best advocates in the state for good transit. But when advocacy isn't enough we will continue to take action, march, sit-in, and speak out.


For years CPT volunteers have worked hard to make transit an issue. Now we are looking to take it to the next level!

​With your help CPT can meet our goal by February 4th, Transit Equity Day!




Disbursed Bidget 3.7.19:

Infrastructure support - hire CPT's lead organizer: *$3,205.83 (increased)*

Free transit to CPT events - 200 2-trip RTA tickets: $1,000

Food and supplies for CPT events - we have reached cheap pizza fatigue: $500.00



 less ioby Platform Fee 


less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)




Original Budget:

Infrastructure support - hire CPT's lead organizer: $3,000

Free transit to CPT events - 200 2-trip RTA tickets:  $1,000

Food and supplies for CPT events - we have reached cheap pizza fatigue: $500

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $135
Total to Raise on ioby= $4,670



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