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As the number of health conditions and deaths rise among the ranks of Cleveland, Ohio creatives, it is imperative that a platform of basic needs support be established and developed to work in tandem with financial awards for projects. It is our intention to open a wider and more streamlined bridge of access to connect at-risk creatives to social services already available to them.

The mission is to raise funds to create a new grant (Cleveland Musicians Health Resource Grant) in honor of deceased (and living) Cleveland musicians, which will be used to provide navigation resources for direct health and housing services information to at-risk artists to help with mental health needs, medical and dental health needs, addiction recovery support, and food and utilities support, (information services, appointment setting, and follow-through for grantees) as well as a $500.00 monetary award.

A stipend will finance ongoing resources navigation support to recipients and elevate community awareness of social service programs by way of additional CRPPF functions throughout the year. 

Inspired in largest part by the devotion and impact of a local musician/multi-disciplinary artist, whose blessing of tireless work in giving back to the community moved me to learn more about the abundant life he lived and the artistic mission of his ever collaborative spirit.  

In similar spirit, we are asking for community support by helping to grow this new grassroots initiative to aid local musicians in need.

Please Note: Resource information will be made available online on the CRPPF website and onsite at The Cleveland Rock Shop for the general public, but without direct navigation, appointment setting, and follow-through services.

Please help us grow awareness by donating whatever amount you can and sharing this very pertinent information.

The more we raise over the target, the more local musicians we can help!

Peace and Blessings ~

the steps

In August, 2024, we will put out a call for area musicians to submit for the grant/healthcare needs initiative.

September 1st submissions will close.

October1st - grantees will be notified of partnership.

In November, 2024, grantees will begin to be awarded cash grants and onboard onto the Health Resources Navigation program.

why we're doing it

As many are aware, there is a sweeping disparity of healthcare, mental health, dental care, food support, and housing support services among marginalized and low income communities. More often than not, musicians and artists in general are part of these underserved communities with little support available to navigate health resources that are available to them, resulting in increased susceptibility to health and wellness issues when left unaddressed.

It is our intention to streamline a bridge of access between artists and local resources, that we may begin the healing process for those we love in our vibrant city of music and art to continue their artistic journeys for many years to come - to meet these unmet needs head-on as a collective support network.

Truth is, I've suffered from many of the healthcare, food, housing, and addiction recovery scarcities that this initiative seeks to help secure for others. I personally use many of Cleveland's entirely free health services today (and) am in recovery myself, and I am driven to help secure free health and life needs services for fellow artists and the community at large.

In short, I can get anyone setup on free county health services in one visit while they await their Medicaid approval, and that is only the beginning of a wonderful journey towards better health and mental health that we'll help see all the way through with grantees.

We will open up many new doors of support to share in tandem with the resources that I currently utilize, as there will be a comprehensive list of area health and life needs services that we will navigate directly one on one with grantees.

I fully believe that when we allow ourselves, we can wholly honor collective needs that beckon to be fixed but continually remain unaddressed - that together we may unanimously elevate one another and create the necessary space for our basic human needs be seen, counted, and heard.


$900: Operations stipend for healthcare and housing support navigation for grantees.

$4,000: Cash awards to grantees.

$100- Marketing 



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