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Meet The CLE Flag Project:

We are an organization of passionate Clevelanders whose mission is to research, commission, and introduce a new city flag that embodies Cleveland’s spirit of progress and prosperity while representing the diversity and inclusivity of our vibrant community. Through this new symbol, we aim to inspire pride and unity, fostering a shared sense of belonging and representation for all community members as we embark on the next phase of our city's growth and development.

Our team of volunteers was created in late 2023, evolving from the combination of two independent project teams previously working on similar endeavors. As passionate members of the Cleveland community, we are all driven by the spirit of civic pride with a goal is to emulate the success of other city’s flags (namely Chicago & Washington D.C.).

the steps

What’s Next:

The Contest

The flag design contest is open for submissions from anyone in the Greater Cleveland area until July 19, 2024.

  • AIGA Cleveland is partnering with us to provide design expertise for the contest.
  • The Committee is being advised by NAVA, the leading flag organization in North America, on fundamental flag design principles.
  • Visit our website for information on Cleveland's history, city symbols, and survey results.
  • Design submissions can be made electronically on our website. Hand drawn designs will also be accepted and applicable forms are available for download at
  • We're collaborating with local school districts to involve Cleveland-area youth in our project, and we encourage parents and teachers to use this contest as an educational opportunity to teach children about Cleveland.
  • We've engaged with local businesses and community leaders to increase project exposure and community engagement.
  • Join us at city-wide events to participate in the contest and boost civic pride in our community.
  • Finalists will receive a cash prize.

Flag Selection Committee Members

We're building a diverse committee of Cleveland residents and leaders tasked with selecting the top flag designs. The committee is being formed by networking with local residents and organizations, and by encouraging residents to nominate themselves for a seat on the committee.

The Unveiling

Our team, along with the Flag Selection Committee, will reveal the final three designs for public voting following the completion of the design contest. The chosen design will then be presented to the City Council for approval.

Following approval, we will unveil Cleveland's new flag across the city. Our unveil strategy will result in a prominent recognizable flag throughout the city. Unveil partners will help introduce the new flag to the city in sync, instantly making it more recognizable than the previous design.

  • Partners include local businesses and influential figures in Cleveland, emphasizing community involvement in the project.
  • Funds raised will support flag manufacturing, with pre-sale options available along with a commemorative unveiling certificate. 
  • All proceeds from flag sales will benefit a Cleveland charity TBD.
  • Flag purchases will be made directly through our website. All flags will be Ohio-made and flag apparel will be made in partnership with local Cleveland-based apparel companies.

why we're doing it

Cleveland and its residents have a vibrant spirit. Creating the perfect flag will capture that spirit, unite our community, and communicate a strong brand for Cleveland nationwide.

As Cleveland undergoes its renaissance, it's time for a new symbol that reflects the things that make Cleveland the special place it is today.


When you donate to CLE Flag Project, you contribute to a multifaceted initiative aimed at fostering community pride and cohesion. Your donation directly supports various aspects of the project, including compensating winners for their creative contributions, covering project costs, organizing events to engage the community, and implementing effective marketing strategies. This initiative is 100% volunteer-guided, with all proceeds supporting the cause. By supporting this endeavor, you play a vital role in realizing the vision of establishing a new, prominent symbol for the city of Cleveland—one that encapsulates its rich history, vibrant culture, and collective identity. Your contribution not only helps materialize a tangible emblem for the city but also fosters a sense of unity and belonging among its residents, instilling pride in Cleveland's past, present, and future.


Budget breakdown is below. We are adjusting our goal to $25,000

Fundraising Budget

Survey Postcards: 160

Website Costs: 210

Dropbox: 180

Business Flyers: 500

Library Marketing Materials: 500

Event Marketing Materials: 500

Event Costs: 10,500

Stipends: 5000

Pins: 700

Stickers: 700

Mini Flags: 1150

Shirts: 4400

MISC: 500




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TOTAL TO RAISE    $26,041.67
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