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the project

The Greater Cleveland area has many nonprofit resources designed to help underprivileged individuals. Understanding what each social service/nonprofit does and how to access its services, however, can be a tedious task. Especially for individuals affected by poverty—factors such as time, literacy level, and understanding of social services can stand in the way of getting the help they need. 

Cleveland CommunityLink is a centralized, digital database for social services. Accessible via, the platform our team created is free for anyone to access anytime. The web platform, currently in beta, has two main components: 1)A Resource Finder Database and 2)Individual Encyclopedia Pages about social services. 

The Resource Finder database organizes social service resources by zip code and categories such as health, food, and legal help and includes brief descriptions of what services nonprofit organizations offer. The individual encyclopedia pages detail more information on the services an organization offers, how to get involved, and includes historical and general information about the social services.

We are raising funds to make our web platform more sustainable, collaborative, and accessible. Firstly, we currently self-fund the project and need funds to pay for our yearly server costs. Secondly, we seek to upgrade to the same engine Wikipedia is using, MediaWiki, in order to facilitate better group collaboration and future digital upgrades. Lastly, we seek to set up a text messaging system that can help individuals access our database without the need for internet.

Learn more about our project by visiting our Resource Finder, by following us Instagram, or by liking our page on Facebook! On social media, each week we highlight nonprofit organizations in the Greater Cleveland area.


the steps

1)Enhance current Wiki setup


2)Setup extensive MediaWiki environment


3)Reach out to institutions ready to partner with us (high schools, homeless shelters, etc)


4)Setup texting abilities for database 

why we're doing it

Not every social service organization has the budget or time to promote themselves; not every person in Cleveland has the resources or time to analyze individual social service offerings; CommunityLink intends to fill this gap for everyone.


Domain name  $30

Server: $200

Nonprofit soliciting Application Fee to State (Ohio): $100

Yearly Nonprofit registration fee: $11


Estimated Expenses:

Media Wiki Development: $500 (Self-managed or 3rd party managed) 

Mapping Software/Development: $200  

Texting software: $200 

Media Wiki Server: $200

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)    N/A
"ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)"    $44
TOTAL TO RAISE=    $1,475



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