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the project

Hi I'm Randy King, Founder of Cleveland Bike Library. I am combating climate change by creating a bike library program for my high school, Facing History New Tech. I transferred to the school so that I could shepherd the pilot program myself, close-up, every day. I want students to have healthy exercise options, as well as a carbon-free mode of transport to get them to and from school.


the steps

Step 1: Order storage container and allow students to decorate it

Step 2: Conduct  Tier 1 Training: Bike rodeo for students and parents to educate students on minimum bike safety

Step 3: Conduct  Tier 2 Training: On the road bike safety for students who want to ride the bikes to and from home

Step 4: Conduct Tier 3 Training: Select students will be trained to conduct maintenance on the bicycles (These students will also be in charge of the checking in/out process)

Step 5: Disburse Cleveland Bike Library cards based on the students tier level of training

Step 6: Allow students to start using the bicycles


why we're doing it

What really encouraged me to get into cycling? It wasn’t the passion for the wind in my hair that some people describe. You know those people who only feel free when they’re on a bicycle? I like to cycle, but for me, it’s a means to an end. What I really want more than anything is to stop climate change.

Our over dependence on cars and buses is damging our atmosphere. Personally, I believe that for a long time, we were trying to discover new things. We were doing a lot of things to evolve, and to make things a lot easier. But in doing that, we messed up. We’re messing up the world, instead of making it better. And what we need to do now is take a step back, and start trying to preserve the world itself. If we continue on the path we’re going down, we may not be able to go back.

By providing bicycles to schools for students to use daily, we will combat climate change, youth health concerns, and student transportation issues to and from schools!

Want to learn more about Cleveland BIke Library? Head over to OR



Disbursed Budget 1.9.17

Raised = $718.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $19.89
Total to disburse = $663.11
Bike Education w/ Bike Cleveland $600.00
Additional Items (Bicycle Helmets, Locks, Bells) $63.11

Original Budget

$2,250 bicycles

$800 top-grade locks and helmets

$1,200 storage facilities

$1,150 maintenance costs

$700 extensive bike safety training

$400 non-profit filing status

Subtotal = $6,500

$35 ioby Platform Fee

$195 ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)

Total to raise = $6,730



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