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the project

Cleveland Bike Library is a bike sharing program that gives children tools to become healthier and to give them a reliable way to school to receive the education they rightfully deserve. The program has numerous positive effects, and will send our youth to great success; in their health, in their education, and in their life overall.

This project was founded by Randy King. He is student in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Randy attended one of Cleveland’s own Sustainable Cleveland Summits with a youth leadership group called YSLP, and engaged with adults and other students who shared interest in adapting and improving their communities. Randy is extremely passionate. He believes that no student should have to wait at a bus stop for up to an hour, or walk miles to school because his or her parents do not have a reliable vehicle.

“It’s not safe having to wait at a bus stop for hours or to walk miles to go to a good school, and it’s wrong that education is being barricaded by the obstacle of transportation. If a student wants to receive their education or wants to become healthier, then they should be supported and given the tools to do so.”

-Randy King



the steps


  • Raise $515.00 on IOBY to go towards budget to fund the project and purchase certain supplies and gear:
  1. Bicycles 
  2. Helmets 
  3. Bike locks
  4. Bells
  • Host or go to informational/fundraising events 
  • After getting required funds we will then purchase the bikes and gear from local bike shops
  • On Febuary 15, 2017 we will start purchasing all the supplies and gear
  • On March 1, 2017 we will hold the Pilot event at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School and give them all supplies and gear for the students to interact with eachother and have fun!
  • ​See if the project was a success by:
  1. ​ Measuring GHG before the launch and 6 mos. after
  2.  Comparing attendance records from 2016-2017 school year with 2017-2018 records
  3.  Simply asking the staff and students if the project was a succes to their school in their opinion!

why we're doing it

The Cleveland Bike Library has started because students are missing school due to a lack of transportation. Some students are offered RTA bus passes, but not every student lives near a bus stop. Using a bicycle to go to and from school has so many positive outcomes! 

Positive outcomes from Cleveland Bike Library

*     Lowering carbon emissions in the community caused by cars and other vehicles

*     Increase physical fitness in our students which leads to healthier students

*     Provide safer transportation to and from school

Instead of a student walking really far to a bus stop or waiting at a bus stop for up to an hour. Students can ride straight from their home to their school and do the opposite at the end of the school day.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 2/17/17):

RAISED = $295.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $8.59

The funds from ioby will be spent on any of the supplies needed. This includes things like bikes, bike rodeos, helmets, bells, locks, storage,



ioby Platform Fee  waived
Donation Processing Fee (3%) $15



I plan to purchase bikes from local bike shops in Cleveland. Each bike would roughly cost around $100 and I plan to purchase for my first school 25 bicycles. I also have to buy safety equipment (helmet, bells, bike locks). The helmets cost about 20.00 a piece. The locks will cost between $5-10. The bells will cost about $5 a piece as well. For my first 'Pilot' school the total cost is expected to be around $3250.00. (Prices found at

SUBTOTAL = $3,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $150
Donation Processing Fee (3%) $90




Michele made a donation of $100.00! This is our largest donation yet!  We are extremely grateful for your donation!

Update: February 1, 2017

Thank you Mr. Ipp and TiTi Ladette for making your donations! They are greatly appreciated! 

Clevleand BIke Library is pleased to announce that we have received $5000.00 grant -- The funds from this ioby page ARE important and we would love to reach our goal!

Our Partners! We Are On A Roll!

-Old Brooklyn CDC
-Bike Cleveland
-Ohio City Bike Co-op
-Safe Routes to School Cleveland
-Benjamin Franklin Elementary

Big Thanks to Our Third Donor

Thank you very much Indigo for your donation! You have been a supporter of Cleveland Bike Library since the idea came along and you have helped make this happen!


Thank you very much Tim for your donation of $25.00!
Your donation is greatly appreciated and will make a HUGE difference in the program!


Thank you to the first donor! It shows that you are a supporter of Cleveland Bike Library and we greatly appreciate the donation. 


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