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the project

For the 2009 International Coastal Cleanup in September, we will organize groups of volunteers to document and remove debris at a beach near them, as well as learn about the coastal environment and what they can do in their daily lives to solve problems of pollution. Beach debris is not just unsightly, it poses a threat to humans and wildlife. Broken glass and mangled cans endanger those who recreate at the beach. Debris entangles wildlife, fouls outboard motors, and diminishes the productivity of wetlands.

the steps

Our outreach for volunteers involves participation in conferences and at environmental fairs; contact with groups that have participated in previous cleanups; contact with youth and school groups; use of volunteer sites on the web and posting on our own website; publishing a Beach Cleanup Newsletter; media outreach; staffing a hot line; getting notice in customer billing brochures, such as Con Ed and National Grid, and in corporate volunteer program notices. A Beach Captain at each site is sent all supplies and instructions. The captains submit a Summary Card to the Beach Cleanup Coordinator of the American Littoral Society and to the Ocean Conservancy. Data are collected and summarized; reports are generated and promulgated. The program runs from March through November, with Beach Cleanup Day September 19.

why we're doing it

In 2008, we had 2,500 volunteers at 75 beach cleanup sites in the five boroughs of NYC. They cleared the beaches of over 44,000 pounds of debris. They became greater supporters of efforts to control debris, such as recycling, reusing items, and advocating for less packaging. They were encouraged to adopt a beach and participate in other positive behaviors: stenciling storm drains with anti-littering messages, supporting restoration projects by planting marsh grass, and other activities that promote a healthy environment. Beach cleanups are often an urban child's first exposure to the natural environment of the shore and help develop curiosity about his/her environment.


bags & gloves = $200 ( local store ), Notices & correspondence with beach captains = 500, Shipment of materials to captains = 1000, Subtotal: $1,700, ioby processing fee: $255, TOTAL: $1,955

Total raised: $159


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