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the project

The stereotypes that come with drug and alcohol abuse often overshadow the humanity of the people who suffer from it.‭ ‬The fact is,‭ ‬people struggling with drugs and alcohol are everyday people‭ – ‬moms and dads,‭ ‬sisters and brothers,‭ ‬sons and daughters‭ – ‬who have lost control of their lives through a series of poor decisions and unhealthy habits,‭ ‬often acquired in very small,‭ ‬almost imperceptible steps taken over a period of years.‭ ‬Most want to regain control of their lives,‭ ‬but lack the support and know-how needed to do so.‭

With the development of Clean House‭ ‬Inc.‭; ‬we are creating a safe and sober living environment where good behaviors are taking root.‭ ‬Our facility is a zero-tolerance sober living residence for men looking to live a drug and alcohol free life.‭ ‬Our overarching goal is to empower our clients to leave Clean House sober with a strong sense of self-esteem and personal responsibility, and the ability to support themselves emotionally,‭ ‬spiritually and financially.‭ ‬12-step recovery is the foundation of our program which also includes career development and stress‭ ‬/anger and time management by the practice of meditation and martial arts.

We received ownership of our facility in 2013. All windows, most doors, 4 furnaces, 3 hot water tanks, 2 toilets, 3 kitchen sinks, cupboards and cabinets had been stolen. Also, all of the wiring complete with meters had been taken as well. Since 2013 we have worked extremely hard with the assistance of volunteers, fundraisers and donations to rebuild our facility from the ground up. We were able to install all new windows, 1 toilet and sink, 2 furnaces, 1 hot water heater, 2 security doors, and have the majority of our building rewired for electricity. We currently have 1 resident. The  first floor rear apartment is unheated and requires 1 furnace.


the steps

Step 1: Secure qualified heating and cooling contractor

Step 2:Purchase furnace and all items for installation

Step 3:Have furnace installed by January 1, 2017

Step 4:Have sufficient heating to continue rehab efforts in suite for spring occupancy

why we're doing it

Clean House is an organization of people dedicated to providing support for individuals who desire to start a new life, free from the bondage of addiction. Our presence in the community, actively and passively, advertises hope for those passing our building daily that there is a solution to active addiction. It is important for local men, women and especially children to see recovering men living sober and being productive members of society.We welcome all of our neighbors to attend meetings and to witness recovery in action.



Hello David, I'm happy that you raised the funding needed for your project. I have a new Lead Poisoning Project that collect water samples from homes with galvanized water pipes. Our Goal is to reduce the amount of lead in drinking water. I was not sure if the homes you are renovating have galvanized pipes.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 12/16/16):

RAISED = $475.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $13.83

The total will be spent toward a furnace.



Our long-term goal is to purchase 2 furnaces, 4 security doors, 2 hot water tanks, toilet, 3 sinks and appropriate cabinetry to create housing for 4 more residents to live comfortably within a sober living environment. We currently offer 12 step meetings and martial arts classes to our community and plan to be an urban oasis for those interested maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle. For this campaign, we aim to raise:

1. 2 Goodman 100,000 BTU Gas Furnaces = $ 1,781.98

SUBTOTAL = $1,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $30



Thanks for your support!

We would like to thank everyone for donating to our furnace fund, We will be purchasing a smaller used furnace for Clean House as a direct result of your  financial support! Clean House Inc. sends our best wishes to all for a happy and healthy holiday season...peace and thank you!


 Thank you for your donations..We have secured a contractor to install our we need the furnace!!


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