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(South Memphis - 38126)
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the project

Advance Memphis and the Memphis Center for Food and Faith work together to maintain and develop a formerly blighted corner of property at an intersection dubbed one of the most dangerous in America (#23 in a report on To date, the space has been cleaned and is being cultivated, with an eye toward permaculture design and creating an "edible landscape." Work is done by neighbors, volunteers, and student participants in the workforce development programs. The space eliminates blight, builds community, produces food, and serves as a learning lab for Advance Memphis.

We'll purchase 3 attractive and long-lasting metal trashcans that can be branded to visually connect this neighborhood garden with Advance Memphis, steps away to the North, and to the Advance Memphis Warehouse, blocks away to the East. Sitting on 3 corners of the property, the trashcans will define the space, provide a means to keep it clean, and help visitors see the connection (through branding) to the nearby Advance facility.

The new trashcans will be the same as those in front of the Advance Memphis building on Vance Avenue and across the street from the building, in a community park. Beyond allowing for a consistent look, we know that these trashcans last for at least 10 years! The look and function of the trashcans will build on the momentum we've gained toward renewing this corridor through the 38126 community. We'll no longer oversee one of the most dangerous corners in America, but instead, one of the most lovely and loved.


the steps

While the work on the land at the corner of Walnut and St. Paul is ongoing, the work for this project is straightforward. We will:

  • Purchase trashcans, using the vendor originally used for the long lasting cans still in use at our building and the community park on Vance Avenue,
  • We will install the trashcans, including branded metal plates with our logo,
  • We will maintain the trashcans, keeping them clean and empty.

These trashcans will be one aspect of the work that will continue on this corner:

  • Job readiness students will continue to use the space as a learning lab to develop team and individual work skills.
  • Students, staff, volunteers and neighbors will continue to develop the land and build relationships through the work.

Planting, harvesting, maintenance and teaching activities will continue to make this clean, cultivated space a deterrent to blight and crime and an encourager of community.

why we're doing it

In a community plagued by generational poverty, any project that fights blight and encourages hope is valuable. When we heard that the recently donated plot of land at the intersection of Walnut and St. Paul sat at one of America's most dangerous corners, we knew that we would work especially hard to not just beautify this land, but to truly develop it as an asset to the community. When we were able to purchase a warehouse on the other side of the land, we recognized the opportunity to create a true corridor of change in the neighborhood.

By maintaining this land and creating opportunities for relationships and skills to develop there, we believe that we can rewrite the story of this corner. It lies, literally, between our workforce development classes on Vance Avenue and our employment opportunities on Suzette. In a community where many still walk, this corner will be seen and appreciated by our participants and by neighbors and visitors.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 3/28/16):

RAISED = $2,227.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $63.84

Trashcans (Streetscape Classic Trash Receptacle on are $675.00.

Metal sheets printed at local business Pyramid Signs and Awning with the logo at are $25.00.

Additional funds will be used for perennial plants to beautify the area around the trash cans.



Trashcans (Streetscape Classic Trash Receptacle on are $675.00.

Metal sheets printed at local business Pyramid Signs and Awning with the logo at are $25.00.

SUBTOTAL = $2,100
ioby Platform Fee $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3%  $63



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