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the project

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Director Karney Hatch's new documentary has been in the back of his mind since 2012.  With the working title "The Village and the Grid: Repairing Our Cities", it focuses on the City Repair Project which began in Portland, Oregon and has since spread to more than forty other cities in the country.  The film will focus on the group's co-founder, Mark Lakeman, an architect and visionary community organizer.  Mr. Lakeman has been giving slide shows and workshops for over twenty years - the film will capture the essence of these presentations and combine them with the stories of several participants in this year's Village Building Convergence.

City Repair, as they say on their website, "fosters thriving, inclusive and sustainable communities through the creative reclamation of public space."  They do this primarily through intersection painting projects and natural building and urban agriculture projects.  They have also been intimately involved in the tiny house movement and in innovative new solutions for the houseless population, such as the thriving Dignity Village in Portland.

The hope with the documentary is that the message of Mr. Lakeman and City Repair will reach many new eyes and ears and will inspire re-villaging projects across the nation and around the world.

Mr. Hatch has made two previous feature-length documentaries.  "Overdrawn", with Ralph Nader, is an expose of the predatory lending practices of the major national banks.  "Plant This Movie", narrated by Daryl Hannah, explores urban farming around the world and has played in environmental film festivals on five continents.


$15 Get a digital download of the film within a week of the film's World Premiere.

$25 Digital Download of the film and YOUR NAME in the credits of the film as a contributor to this campaign!

$75 Digital Download of the film, thanks in the credits, and FREE ENTRY to every night at the central venue at the 2017 Village Building Convergence.

$100 Digital download, thanks in the credits, and a SIGNED COPY of City Repair's Placemaking Guidebook.

$125 Digital download, thanks in the credits, and FREE ENTRY to all of City Repair's events from now until next June, including every night of the 2017 VBC.

$250 Digital download, your name in the credits, and a SIGNED COPY of City Repair's Placemaking Guidebook, and a City Repair t-shirt.

$500 Host a community screning of the film!  You get a digital download of the film or DVD and a 1-hour Skype/video chat following the film with Mark Lakeman and/or Karney Hatch (your choice).

$1000 A digital download and an Associate Producer credit in the film.

$2500 Digital download, signed copy of the Placemaking Guidebook, and an Executive Producer credit in the film

The tax deductibility of your contribution may be affected by goods or services received. Please contact your financial advisor with questions regarding your donation.

the steps

Production has already begun, but documentary film is an editor's medium and doc films are created in the editing process even more than narrative films.  The majority of the funds raised will be used for post-production: editing, sound editing, color correction, and hiring a composer and sourcing music.  There is still considerable shooting to be completed, too, both in Portland and in San Luis Obispo, California, where one of the main characters of the film has started a local chapter of City Repair and is fighting the city to make sure their neighborhood remains a low-traffic area.

why we're doing it

The projects we hope to inspire through the documentary have a proven track record of improving the health and well being of people who live in the neighborhood in which they have been undertaken.


I would love to donate $500 so that we can do a screening of the film but I would need some guarantee of the film being made especially since the numbers are a bit low as of this date of July 3rd...


Disbursed Budget:

RAISED = $4,274.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $123.47


Updated Budget (as of 7/15/16):


Filming in Portland and San Luis Obispo in July and August: $2000


Editor: $5000

Sound Sweetening: $500

Color Correction: $500

Composer $1000

SUBTOTAL = 10,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $300
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,335


Original Budget:


Filming in Portland and San Luis Obispo in July and August: $4000


Editor: $5000

Sound Sweetening: $500

Color Correction: $500

Composer $1000

SUBTOTAL = 12,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $360
TOTAL TO RAISE = $12,395



Meet the Cast!

Obviously Mark Lakeman is the "main character" of this film, because it tells his story and the story of the work of the organization that he co-founded.  But I really wanted to find people in the community who were living exemplars of the values and ideas that he's talking about, and I did!  I followed several characters from the beginning stages of the Village Building Convergence on through the planning and design asnd then the completion of their projects.  Many thanks to all of them for sharing their amazing stories with me for the film!  Here's the link:

Meet the Cast of "The Village and the Grid" from Karney Hatch on Vimeo.


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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