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the project

Homewood Circles empowers people toward self sufficiency, and we're raising this investment for healthy meals during Circles group meetings.  

What is Circles? 

Circles groups consist of low-income individuals who enroll in Circles Leadership Training and Development to build financial, emotional and social resources, as well as an Economic Stability Plan that sets goals unique to their own needs and dreams.  These individuals, called Circle Leaders, are paired with trained middle-to-high income community volunteers, called Allies, who support their efforts to achieve economic stability.  Each week, Circles groups meet to discuss strategies for attaining prosperity and to provide peer support. Homewood Circles began in November and is investing in the wellbeing of its participants. 

What will these funds provide for Circles meetings? 

In partnership with Repair the World: Pittsburgh and other non-profit organizations, Homewood Circles aims to provide a hot meal for participants at each meeting. Repair the World has volunteer groups that cook meals for the program, but does not have the capacity to provide funding for the meal ingredients. This fundraiser will strengthen the bond between the Repair the World Jewish community and Homewood community by ensuring that Repair the World can continue to provide meals for Homewood Circles for years to come. 



the steps

The program is already launched and growing, and we're raising community support for healthy meals for the participating families.

Meals are cooked by volunteers each week.  This ioby outreach supports the ingredients themselves. 

Ingredients for weekly meals cost between $100 and $150. Please consider giving at this level, in order to provide a hot meal for one Circles meeting. 

This fundraising project launched on June 10, 2017 and the deadline is September 6, 2017 which coincides with the beginning of the second cohort of Circles leaders and allies. 

why we're doing it

Homewood Circles empowers people toward self sufficiency. The model calls for communities to rally together and help disenfranchised individuals in the community reach their goals. We aim to bring together the Jewish community and Homewood community through this fundraiser, and through a continued collaboration and partnership with Homewood Circles. 

If you are not able to give financially, but would like to volunteer by helping cook a meal, babysitting for Homewood Circles, or becoming a Circles ally, please email Erica of Homewood Children's Village: or Rachel of Repair the World: Thank you for your support!


$4,000 purchases food for family meals each week during Circles groups, prepared by volunteers. 

SUBTOTAL = 4,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $120

Disbursement Budget:

RAISED = $305.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $8.88



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