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Cey More with Art

the project

Chromatic 2019 was the first graffiti mural festival to happen in Broad Ripple in 15 years.

It was inspired by the artists who came before us - now it’s our turn to carry the torch. 

Our goal is to keep this tradition going that inspired us as artists from an early age here in Indianapolis. 

Chromatic is a two day event showcasing local and regionally recognized graffiti artists, who come together for a collaboration on adjacent walls in the neighborhood of Broad Ripple, Indiana. Chromatic offers a vignette of the graffiti subculture by providing original sounds by local music producers and DJs, and by providing traditional graffiti art materials (paint markers, stickers, sketchbooks) open to the public for creative experimentation. 

Chromatic gives the public the opportunity to watch and engage with the artists, which builds new relationships within the community. 

the steps

  • Chromatic color palette is determined, artists notified, and paint for the artists is ordered
  • Videographers and music producers are booked
  • Artists begin meeting 4-5 weeks before Chromatic to sketch and collaborate on their productions 
  • Wall preparation - which includes scraping and priming - begins 2-3 weeks before event
  • Supplies for the community activity is organized
  • Artists get a head start and then finish their productions the day of Chromatic

why we're doing it

​By highlighting graffiti as a skilled artform, with the power to transform and beautify, we believe we can help the community develop a greater sense of pride in the Village.

  1. Beautify: Public art improves livability and attracts residents. It improves the physical beauty of Broad Ripple, thus increasing a person’s connection to the community. 

  2. Demonstrate: By showcasing experienced artists, this project demonstrates how graffiti is a skilled and thoughtful artform. 

  3. Neighborhood Pride:  This project helps to develop neighborhood pride and aids in creative placemaking for local artists. Studies show that collaborating on beautification efforts increase residents’ feelings of trust and appreciation of each other.



$629.19 will allow us to purchase 10 gallons of primer paint for our walls AND 122 cans of professional aerosol paint for our artists

TOTAL RAISED = $674.00
ioby Platform Fee N/A
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $33.70
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $10.86


Marketing  - $400

Documentation (video and photography) - $2,000

Community Activity - $400

Artists' Time - $3,000 ($250 per artist)

Professional Paint Supplies - $2,500 

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $258


Cey More with Art


Blend Creative Minds had the opportunity to attend Cey More with Art, hosted by Spirit & Place at the Indianapolis Public Library. The focus of this event was to showcase how hip hop is revolutionary. Keynote speaker, Cey Adams (former creative director of Def Jam Recordings), spoke about his experience building his career in hip hop and art from the ground up. 

We had the chance highlight Chromatic and speak one-on-one with Cey, other artists, and supporters about our Chromatic project. We are motivated to keep this project going strong in order to make it an annual event. We bellieve that hip hop is our relvoution. It is community, collaboration, widsom and love - which is exactly what Chromatic is built upon. 




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