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Our story on ioby's blog!

the project

Volunteers for Springfield Park, Inc. will be celebrating our 4th Annual Tree Lighting at our park in Springfield Park, Queens, New York.  To help us celebrate this festive time we are preparing to have gifts for our neighborhood kids.  This year aside from hot chocolate and cookies we would like to have gifts under the tree for those who are underprivileged and need coats and clothing.  Our goal this year is to raise $2,000.00.  Each donor will be matched with each dollar you donate*.

the steps

We plan to purchase the items from funds that are donated to this project for the holidays.

why we're doing it

As volunteers we want to give back to our community as well as reaching out to other residents that we need their support in keeping our park safe as well as improving the quality of life in our community.  We also need to let the community be aware of their park and make usage of it by using the park for exercising, jogging and pleasure walks.


*donations to this project will be matched by a Partnerships for Parks grant of $750.


Disbursed budget (additional disbursement for funds submitted after the initial disbursement):

All funds will go towards items on our original budget. 

RAISED = $120.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $0.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $3.50

Disbursed Budget (as of 12.9.16):

All funds will go towards items on our original budget. We also received a few offline donations - thank you for helping us raise these funds. 

RAISED = $1,840.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $52.57

Original Budget: Our budget for Springfield Park annual tree lighting for December 12, 2016:


Purchasing of gift items for the holidays, e,g., coats, toys, scarves, etc.  $1000.00

Print up of Flyers  $250.00

Decorations, lights for tree $300.00

Refreshments paper goods, etc. $200.00

Subtotal $2000

SUBTOTAL = 2,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $60



Our story on ioby's blog!

by ioby
December 21, 2016

When Fay Hill was a young girl growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, her father often brought her along to the community meetings he loved to attend. He always worked hard alongside his neighbors to make life better for everyone, and saw no reason why his daughter shouldn’t come along for the ride. Community involvement was just a part of Hill’s upbringing – it’s how life was. No surprise that she, now a retired legal secretary in Queens, NY, grew up to carry on the tradition.

“My father was an advocate for our community when we were growing up, and I used to go to all of his meetings, and see how people do things, and their achievements, and I decided: well, when I retire, why should I sit home and watch television?  I was always active. Why sit home? I’m a retired legal secretary and I never worked so hard since I retired. But it’s a love work, and it keeps me energized.”

What an understatement! Hill is an active member of her local Community Board 13, a mover and a shaker in various church organizations, and a singer extraordinaire and tour-booking agent for the Senior Theater Actors Repertory (STAR). She’s a friend of her local library, and regularly travels to Albany for AARP meetings. She shows no signs of slowing down, and even recently joined Toastmasters to hone her public speaking skills!

Read the full story here. 


Thank you Mary Burkhart!

Thank you Mary Burkhart for making a donation by check to our campaign!

We're over 1/2 way there, photos & more!

We're over 1/2 there thanks to your amazing support. To date, just over 30 donors have made small to medium sized gifts to this annual holiday celebration. We've been able to raise $1185 towards our goal!

We still have Partnerships for Parks matching dollars available to help us reach our goal.  So when you make your donation it will doubled

This is our 4th Annual Tree Lighting and our volunteers have already begun stringing up lights in the park. This year, with your support, we'll be able to provide warm winter coats and clothing and toys for those in our community who need it the most. 

What donors and neighbors are saying:

Anonymous donor....."it is with great pleasure to donate to Volunteers for our park in Springfield Gardens. For 30 years I lived in the community with my two boys and did not allow them to walk in our park. I am happy to see the transformation of the park done by our community volunteers." 

"Now I can bring my son in his stroller to Springfield park to enjoy the fresh air and watch the swans waddling in our lake. Thanks to our volunteers who help restore the park"...Councilman Donovan Richards.

Community..."An unsightly park near JFK airport has gotten a facelift thanks to helpful donors and neighbors. Springfield Park is now Central Park of the outer boroughs. Support our fundraising effort for 2016. You only have seven days to donate and thanks."

Want to help us bring this event to life?

- Make your small to medium sized donation to our campaign. No gift is too small. Every dollar really counts (and actually doubles!).

- Spread the word. Share this page with 5-10 of your closest friends and ask them to give a few dollars. It will help - $5 for warm winter socks or a winter cap and $10 for warm stockings, scarves and mittens!

Thank you very much for everything!
The Volunteers for Springfield Park


Who are the VFSP?

We are a committed group of unified and dedicated volunteer individuals working together to improve and maintain the condition of Springfield Park by partnering with businesses, schools and churches and neighbors.

And we love our local Springfield Park.  

Springfield Park (23.5 acres) is the bed of the former Springfield Brook and Higbie’s Pond. The pond was artificially created when the local Higbie family dammed the brook during the 18th century, built a house on 183rd Street and 147th Avenue and established both a sawmill and gristmill powered by the pond.

Springfield Park is adorned with ten flower beds, four of which greet visitors and residents on either side of the north, south, east and west entrances. Daffodils, irises, daylilies, mulberry bushes, evergreens, azaleas, and geraniums about beneath oak and plain trees.

Ducks, geese, egrets and even a couple of swans and large snapping turtle find refuge on the pond and channel.  



Thank you to our neighborhood donors!

Volunteers for Springfield Park, Inc. has received many offline donations from neighbors for this campaign. These offline donations were mailed into ioby and applied to this fundraising page. We want to acknowledge the following neighbors for their generosity to our annual Christmas Tree Lighting:

Beulah Lawrence     Barbara Mulzac     Lorraine Bridges     Joan Avaloy     

Enid Bartholomew     Curtis Joseph     Michelle Akyempong     Reginald Rogers     Edgar Roach     

Maureen Todman     Barbara De-Young-Ezell     Michael Stephens     Jeffrey Stewart

Anonymous Neighbor     Andrew Straker  Larry Sanders



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