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the project

This project started with recognizing the need for a crosswalk at Madison & Morrison, the corner where Christopher was killed by a hit and run driver.

We decided to pursue an 'Artistic Crosswalk', to honor him and address the pedestrian safety issue in our city. The Overton Square pedestrian safety zone will be expanded west on Madison as a memorial to Christopher and all Memphis pedestrian fatality victims. The project has been approved by City of Memphis Traffic Engineering and now it’s time to raise capital to fund the project.

Chris biking in Miami three weeks before he was killed.

the steps

> City of Memphis Approval: Done!

>> Artist Creative Proposal: Work in progress

>>> Raise Funds: Oct 23 Benefit @ The Blue Monkey

>>>> Install ChrisCrosswalk: Goal is to complete in 2017

>>>>> ChrisCrosswalk=Safe Pedestrians at Madison+Morrison

why we're doing it

Memphis ranked 9th in pedestrian deaths* among the 104 largest metro areas in 2016. Unfortunately, 2017 is on track to out-pace last year with 25 fatalities through September 5. Christopher was the 6th pedestrian fatality of 2017 on February 22; he was walking with a friend, crossing Madison at Morrison, headed to Molly’s La Casita for dinner.

Christopher lived his entire adult life in midtown and subsequently downtown; biking and walking were his main modes of transportation for many of those years and he was a pedestrian safety advocate. My hope is that his death is not in vain but is part of a bigger wake-up call. We must take action to regain control of our streets and create a safe environment for pedestrians.

The goal of this project is to expand the pedestrian friendly zone in Overton Square west on Madison by another 200 yards to the corner of Morrison by installing an artistic crosswalk in Christopher’s memory.  This is a very busy corner for pedestrian traffic with The Blue Monkey, Molly's La Casita and LBOE anchoring the corners and the crosswalk will ensure safety of future pedestrians.


*Pedestrian Danger Index by Smart Growth America.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 12.11.17):

RAISED = $5,185.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $150.00

$7,078 TOTAL 
Est Cost Expense Status
$4,590 Stencils & Frt ­ Pavement Stencil Co Paid
$500 Paint ­ Sherwin Williams Est Cost
$53 Permit -City of Memphis Paid
$291 Insurance ­ Clay & Land Paid
$400 Graphic Designer ­ Sharisse Stebber Paid
$250 Painting / Installation Supplies Est Cost
$400 Sign Rental for Road Closure Est Cost
$250 Memorial / Dedication Sign ­ Fast Signs Est Cost
$53 2nd Permit (unable to install w/ original permitted dates due to weather) Pending rescheduling with warmer weather
$291 2nd Insurance (unable to install w/ original policy dates due to weather) Pending rescheduling with warmer weather


The Christopher Phillips Memorial Crosswalk is estimated to cost $5000.

The funds will pay for rental of equipment, the installation crew and a budget for maintenance.

SUBTOTAL = $5,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $150



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