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 Choices is the foundation of everything in existence. What we choose and how we choose will determine the course of our life path. To assure that we are teaching our youth about proper decision making and the importance of choices we will use Chess. The utilization of the chess board will teach them how life is about making the right moves, just as well as Chess is. The implementation of this program will help make our youth higher functioning beings, thinking individuals who will soon be the leaders in our communities, homes and world aboard.

the steps

 Understanding what piece you are on the chess board will help determine how one is moving along with who they are. Explaining what people are around you in your life that's helping you excel is symbolic to the other pieces on the board that's assisting one in winning the game. Are we the king in our own game or a pawn in someone else's game. After understanding these things we will determine what's the strategy and purpose of our game of life, then execute ones plan. Also character building along with resiliency skills will be essential to teach them due to the environments which they come.

why we're doing it

 In our world we see a mass amount of youth that has misdirected energy, impulsive behavior that are leading them to teenage parents, early deaths, short and long term prison sentences. Someone needs to teach them how its important to think before we act and also how to think before we make a decision that will have some negative effect on their lives. If i had someone around to help and teach me about choices and decision making it would of prevented me from getting shot in the 9th grade, incarcerated for 9 1/2 yrs my graduating yr of high school. So when you ask why am I doing this, to help young people make better choices that will allow them to not put self in harms way, and make healthy choices that will lead to healthy lives.


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