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the project

After our first successful growing season, our resident community garden in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh is expanding to include 20 more families. As part of the expansion, we want to create a shared gardening space that children can enjoy and care for collectively. Our “Discovery Garden” will serve as an engaging platform to educate children about healthy food and how it grows.

the steps

The Discovery Garden will be installed this spring as part of the garden expansion, and will include a seating area and decorative signage made by the children. We will host several interactive workshops for the children throughout the season, including cooking demonstrations, craft activites, and gardening workshops to learn about seeds, plant care, and harvesting. The aromatic herbs, flowers, and vegetables children plant will serve as a platform to learn about beneficial pollinators and insects. We will host weekly Weeding Wednesdays for adults and children to meet in the garden to work together. Partnership is a key to our success. We are partnering with Magee-Womens hospital to provide classes on nutrition and cooking healthy food. Our efforts are supported by the Garfield Community Action Team and a local Americorps program called Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience. 

why we're doing it

In our first season, the children in the surrounding blocks were the biggest enthusiasts of the garden. They displayed so much interest in learning and helping out around the garden, but didn't have a space to call their own. By the fall, there was a waiting list of gardeners and a desire to expand the garden and create more structured times for children. In our neighborhood, children comprise nearly 40% of the population, we are currently without a full-service grocery store, and the poverty rate hovers at 40%. 

We want the garden to serve as a space where resident gardeners can mentor each other and pass our knowledge on to the youngest among us. We will learn together how to become more self-sufficient by growing our own food and strengthening our community.  


Item Quantity Cost each Total Cost Source

Soil (50:50 compost mixture), cubic yard

10 24 240 Federouch  Landscape Supply
Lumber, 2x4 x 8' Larch 24 3.77 90.48 Ed Wilderness Lumber Co
Screws #9 x 2½” polymer coated deck screws, 280 pieces 1 29.98 29.98 Home Depot
100 ft NeverKink heavy duty hose 1 41.97 41.97 Home Depot
50 gallon Rain Barrel 3 99.98 299.94 Home Depot
Rowdney Acrylic paint (500 ml) 5 9.91 49.55 Artist and Craftsman Supply
Princeton Big Brush Round 12 0.96 11.52 Artist and Craftsman Supply
Lumber, 2x4 x 10' Larch 20 5.2 104 Ed Wilderness Lumber Co
Behr Cedar Natural Tone Wood Stain (1 gal) 2 28.98 57.96 Home Depot
4x4 pine posts 2 11.57 23.14 Home Depot
Helmsman gloss spar-urethane (1 gal) 1 29.94 29.94 Home Depot
Burpee vegetables seeds 20 1.49 29.8 Home Depot
Burpee herb seeds 10 1.49 14.9 Home Depot
Sweet Berry Selections Earliblue Blueberry bush 5 7.97 39.85 Home Depot
Heritage Red Raspberry fruit 3 14.99 44.97 Home Depot
Bee-friendly flower mix (1 oz) 10 6.95 69.5 GardensAlive
Strawberries Fort Laramie (25 plants) 3 12.95 38.85 GardensAlive
1/2" 3x25 ft mesh hardware cloth 6 49.8 298.8 GardensAlive
Ornamental Tall Sunflower 4 3.45 13.8 GardensAlive
Double Shredded Bark Mulch 15 35.45 531.75 AgRecycle
Ultra Play 8ft Wood Commercial Picnic Table 2 560 1120 Home Depot

SUBTOTAL = $3,181
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $95

RAISED = $1,301.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $36.87

Revised Budget, 6/18/2014


Item Quantity Cost each Total Cost Source
Landmaster 6 ft x 100 ft Contractor Weed Control Fabric 2 83.97 167.94 Home Depot
Black and Decker 20 V Lithium Iron Straight Shaft Electric Cordless String Trimmer 1 99 99 Home Depot
Yard Gard 5 ft x 50 ft 14 gauge vinyl galvanized welded wire 3 62 186 Home Depot
YardGard 5 ft x 3 1/2 in x 1 3/4in Steel T Post 30 4.23 126.9 Home Depot
Gardener's Blue Ribbon Soft Garden Twine 200 ft 2 3.47 6.94 Home Depot
2 in x 12 in x 8 ft #2 Lumber 6 12.97 77.82 Home Depot
Truper Tool Pro Manure 5 tine fork 1 31.97 31.97 Home Depot
Vigoro 1.5 cubic feet garden soil 10 5.97 59.7 Home Depot
Burpee vegetables seeds 20 1.49 29.8 Home Depot
Gilbert and Bennett 58 inch Tomato Cage 3.97 10 39.7 Home Depot
3 ft x 4 ft Rubbermaid Large Vertical Shade 1 299 299 Home Depot
Ames 48 in Steel Blad Round Point Shovel 2 14.97 29.94 Home Depot
Ames 17 in Steel Blade Round Point Shovel 1 9.97 9.97 Home Depot
Ames 20 in D Handle Steel Blade Round Point Shovel 2 14.97 29.94 Home Depot
Master Lock Magnum Set Your Own Combination 2 in Padlock with Shackle and Back-Up Key 1 16.97 16.97 Home Depot
Vegetable seedlings Remainder of budget     Home Depot




We are really excited to build out the full Children's Discovery Garden
once the winter breaks here. Last season, the kids enjoyed having three
garden beds all to themselves. They watched every day for changes in the
garden, and shared the food they produced with their families. We had two of
the kids write down their notes and sketch ideas for the kid's garden,
yielding some really awesome ideas.

In the fall in preparation for the Children's Discovery Garden, we had a
group of 20 volunteers clear the area at the back of the garden. Another
volunteer group of 10 put down landscape cloth and mulched the area to keep
back weeds.

This winter, we will be holding design and planning sessions with some of
the youth gardeners that have already been involved, as well as
participants from Garfield's Community Intensive Supervision Program
(CISP). Based on the ideas they come up with, we will build the complete
Children's Discovery Garden in the spring. We can't wait for the next
growing season!

Thank you to our donors!


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