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In the devastating summer of 2020, COVID-19 made a destructive mark on the academics department. Jennifer Lin, a student from Pittsburgh Taylor Allderdice High School witnessed firsthand the obstacles students had to face. Among many, she began school remotely online. On her first day of school, she noticed that her 8-year-old little sister struggled to join her class meetings. As weeks passed on, the adaptation to online school had led her little sister to fall behind classes. 

To support the importance of education, Jennifer reached out to fellow peers and began planning for The Children Of Steel. In-mid of initiating, it was brought to the team’s attention that some disadvantaged families lacked supportive and healthy education. To promote supported academics, the COS team made sure their programs could be accessible to all groups; eliminating limitations. Over the launch of COS, 30+ high school students joined the journey.

Currently, more than 125 high school students participate, tutoring kids from 27 different elementary schools in covering 29 postal codes.

Faculty members, educators, and members of outside organizations have supported the mission. Since joining COS many high school tutors have taken on innitiatves beyond the mission of COS such as, food drives for the local community and even donating soccer materials to Central Africa. Above all, The Children of Steel hopes to empower the importance of education.  

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As high school students, we understand what it feels like to fall behind classes. Socioeconomic barriers and difficult academic materials can limit and hinder education. Though there are outside tutoring, some may be exceedingly expensive. As to promote academics, The Children of Steel provides a supportive environment where ALL students can learn without worrying about the cost.

As it happens to be, education goes beyond just textbooks. Education comes in various forms. The Children Of Steel encourages students and mentees to develop social skills, such as leadership, kindness, and ambition. COS tutoring sessions have the choice to work in groups and one on one; to ensure our students receive academic and social mentoring. 

At times, kids’ voices are marginalized. COS confronts this subject by providing a safe space where kids are able to appropriately speak their minds, and listen to their fellow peers. Recognizing children’s voices and appreciating their dedication will aid to build confidence in their growth. 

We aim to promote dialogue between high school and elementary students to bridge the youth generation. COS has witnessed contrasting grade levels discuss and form similar ideas within group discussions! We believe when one teaches, two learn. 

With our programs and network tools online, we are able to provide free learning with student-oriented tutoring to anyone, anywhere. 

the steps

The Children of Steel is a continuous program.

When we recieve our donations we will use the money for furthering our tutoring experience such as: 

  • unlimited zoom time,
  • academic resources,
  • and tutoring mentorships.

With the remaining donations we will utilize the money for extending COS' connections and impacts. Some examples are applying to be a nonprofit and website reconstructions.

why we're doing it

The Children of Steel hopes to empower the importance of education. COS provides a safe space where kids are able to appropriately speak their minds, and listen to their fellow peers. We believe when one teaches, two learn. 



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