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the project

The Art Ventures K-12 Gallery Initiative takes myriad pathways to engage youth. AV staff for the Initiative partner with teachers and advisors in NWA public schools, with the Art Education Program at the U AR, School of Art, the Boys & Girls Club, regional cultural non-profits, and community-building programs such as the Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese (ACOM), Urban League Young Professionals, Fayetteville Public Library, Art Ventures art professionals, and more to impart the best learning experience for any student in art. We believe the thinking required to create and make art is “critical thinking”. Art thinking spurs creativity to plan a process whether simple or complex. Children and youth see themselves setting goals however broad, deciding upon the desired positive impact, selecting and making tools, and the pathways they will create for the viewer to assess whether the goal is achieved. Students also write and talk about how they perceive themselves after the program which involves preparation for the art exhibition and a reception for the family, friends, relevant dignitaries, and the regional community. This work de-mystifies students' sense of belonging, and their role as an essential citizen of the world.

the steps

Confirm the K-12 Program for Summer and/or Fall
Select Teaching Team
Select or Define the Curriculum for the Student Age Group
Select Student Group & Develop Permissions for Field Trips for Learning
Engage the Videographer(s) & Meet as a Team to Discuss the Filming Schedule & Parameters
Ascertain and Select Exhibition Space
Press Release and Radio Spot & Online Announcement
Determine Possible Exhibition Opening & Reception Dates
Create Invitation List


why we're doing it

Our Tagline is “Art for Everyone” and it was created from the center of our belief and reason for existing in this region. After six years of K-12 Gallery Initiative programming, we know this truth has not changed. We have learned that the need for this work has increased with the growth of our region. The positive effect on children, youth, families, and our communities is evident.

K-12 Gallery Initiative programming helps build the community where we wish to live and we are grateful for your support.


Final budget


Revised Budget       $16261.59

Teachers                        $5000

Interns                           $3000

Equipment Rental     $1000

Videographer         $1000

Materials/Supplies    $1000

Framing & Art Prep       $600

Student Travel         $700

Facilities/Insurance   $3961.59

Original budget

Equipment rental 
Exhibition Prep 
Student travel 
Facilities & Insurance 


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