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the project

The Chicago Mask Fund was created with the simple but important mission to donate high quality PPE to needy organizations. During this pandemic, we have been saddened by the many stories of front line heath care workers unable to secure the protection they need to serve their patients. We have also heard the too frequent stories of nursing home and other care facility residents not being properly protected by their caregivers because of lack of access to PPE. Like so many of us, we felt powerless as we watched these stories unfold and wanted to come up with a feasible, easy, and impactful way to help. 

Over the last 5 months we have worked to import over 15,000 certified KN95 masks, Masks are one of our most important tools in preventing the spread of the virus. Our plan is to give them away to organizations who either cannot afford an adequate supply or do not have the resources to source proper PPE.  We reached out to many worthy Chicagoland organizations, and have selected five that do important work and need masks. These organizations are Deborah's Place, The Ark, Eden Supportive LivingGreenwood Care, and Franciscan Outreach.  All tax-deductible donations that we collect will underwrite PPE that will be spread out evenly to these five deserving organizations.

The KN95 masks that we are supplying are the perfect type for this target population. These masks offer comparable quality to the gold-standard N95 masks, but at better prices. Because hospitals mandate the use of N95 masks, we are not diverting resources away from health care workers - an additional benefit of supplying this grade mask.

With cases in Illinois on the rise, there is no better time to make sure everyone has access to high quality PPE to protect their family, friends and their community. Thank you for your help with this project.

the steps

We have already been in contact with these organizations, who are eagerly awating this PPE. As we receive donations, we will be delivering the masks to each organization on an ongoing basis.  Thank you for your help!

why we're doing it

Donating to this campagin will help thousands of people in need during this pandemic. It will also more equitably distribute high quality PPE amongst Chicago communities.




$832.26 worth of the high-quality masks!

TOTAL RAISED = $858.00 $858.00
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$20,000 is for the masks

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ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) waived
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TOTAL TO RAISE = $20,619
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