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the project

Cleveland Humanity Investing (CHI) empowers Clevelander’s with affordable housing,  employment opportunities and wealth accumulation through the transformation of recyclables into homes for veterans, & the working poor built by up-skilled rehabilitated citizens.


CHI believes through increasing access to micro business entrepreneurship, affordable housing and wealth accumulation we can prevent another link in the chain of generational poverty in Cleveland. A multifaceted approach to an astounding epidemic in our communities. Breaking away from the traditional approach to career training we expose adults to alternatives to college and jobs with micro-entrepreneurial green and in-demand service trades.


Cleveland's transitioning from homelessness face the greatest barriers to self sufficiently and our leaders and commercial developers have failed this segment of our community. CHI extends an olive branch to the motivated for immediate shelter and a pathway to an affordable apartment. First tackling recidivism 


Homeownership is a key to assets and wealth accumulation. Homes equipped with micro businesses have proven to generate living wages and uplift families from poverty. Mixed-use commercial properties maximize leverage and potential for developers and can be duplicated for the common homeowner. CHI’s flagship model container home will convert two containers into a sheet modern dwelling above two containers for the incremental fabrication of revenue-generating dwelling, retail, or service outlet. 

the steps

Establish legal nonprofit status

Secure cargotecture drawings 

Land acquisition 

Bid foundation and utility connection 

Purchase containers

Tools, materials, and supplies 



why we're doing it

My life is an accident from the opportunities and generosity my family has afforded. A multi-decade observation from street level I recognize recidivism will never decrease until we give an alternative to the enormous barriers they face to unemployment and access to immediate housing. More than half of our Cleveland children are living in poverty as my lineage did just a generation ago. Through ownership, families can access affordable housing, generate living wages and accumulate assets and wealth. Someone started the ripple long ago for me and thus I feel obligated and indebted to shatter the chains of poverty with waves of opportunities for the next generation.


Our initial angel seed funding will fund our incremental development of a container dormitory. Resourcing the vacant land bank, two forty foot high cube containers will transform into a three-bedroom home with connected utilities and modern accommodations. Rehabilitated and underemployed adults will be provided immediate housing and access to upskilling in conventional and green skilled trades as they engage in phase two of constructing a transitional housing community for the homeless. 
Your investment will prep land, establish a foundation, connect utilities, purchase containers, installation, shiplap interior, appliances, recycled furnishings, windows, and many eco-friendly features and applications.  

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $1,547
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $51,582


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