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the project

Cherokee Park is a neighborhood park located in Memphis,TM in the Orange Mound neighborhood that has traditionally been a basketball mecca since the court was laid in 1977. We would like to upgrade the court with fiberglass arena style basketball systems that would really add to the improvements that have already taking place at the park such as stenciling the court, adding benches courtesy of Parks and Neighborhoods and a number of landscaping upgrades.

The backboards are $2,000 a piece and they're from a company in California that is looking to break into the Memphis park basketball scene with their systems. Daniel Peterson of Project Backboard who stenciled the Cherokee court has spoken with the company about the level of ball being played there by college and overseas players over the summer. Because of the court's popularity, the company has agreed to donate a basketball system if we raise enough money to purchase the first basketball system. The park commission has agreed to install both backboards after they are purchased.

the steps

My group is prepared to raise the funds to purchase one of the basektball goals

why we're doing it

We are doing this because Cherokee Park is the epicenter of basketball and other recreational activities in our community. The park is attended and maintained by career adults who grill and feed the kids every weekend. If it rains, we gather under the gazebo. Our park is already the nicest and neatest in the city....adding those fiberglass systems will make Cherokee stand out among the best in the nation.




DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 10/4/17):

RAISED = $1,325.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $37.57



One backboard: $2,000

Second backboard: to be donated by TrueBounce

SUBTOTAL = $2,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $60



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