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Thanks For Making This Awareness and Conservation Project Possible!

the project

INSPIRE THE PEOPLE! We believe in the power of environmental enthusiasm over environmental statistics. We propose the implementation of citywide street tree signs. The mission is to turn the city into a mini tree museum. Imagine that each tree you passed by taught you something new, made you think twice, or infused you with appreciation for the natural world. Trees are alive, just like us. Our goal is to make that connection and give NYC citizens an opportunity to learn from another majestic creature.

the steps

From now through February we will be retaining and scanning artwork from the artists, finding a local carpenter capable of manufacturing our tree guards, and continuing to create neighborhood alliances and raise funds. February through April will be full production time. Our signs will be produced at an eco-friendly manufacturer in Richmond, VA., and our guards will be produced locally. The project will launch within May 2010.

why we're doing it

We aim to heighten environmental consciousness. Our mission is to reconnect citizen's to the natural world by calling their attention to it. It's time each of us steps up in our inherent role as the Earth's steward. The problem these days is that we are all bombarded with so many devastating causes, so many emails, and so many pleas for help. It becomes overwhelming to digest and follow through with many of the things we want to care about. Root For Trees Street Tree Signage Campaign is a way to elevate our collective environmental consciousness without demanding much of anyone. Rather then attempting to be yet another cause demanding attention, our project is meant to serve as a revival of our environmental appreciation so as to inspire people to make conscious choices in the future.


I absolutely love these signs. I see them every time I go to galleries, the Highline, or visit Chelsea for any other reason. Thanks for doing this!
TEDxDUMBO is currently seeking people with urban-based projects to present an ‘Action Pitch’ at the event, and we were wondering if you might be in town and would want to pitch about Root For Trees. More details can be found at


WE ARE LOOKING TO RAISE HALF OF THE FUNDS FOR THIS PROJECT WITH THE HIGH HOPES THAT THE CITY IS WILLING TO MATCH US! There are approx. 60 trees involved in our launch. $110.00/tree guard X 60 guards - $6,600.00 $57.00/sign X 60 signs = $3,420.00 Total = $10,020.00 / WHICH MEANS $5,010.00 ioby processing fee = $751 TOTAL = 5762.


Thanks For Making This Awareness and Conservation Project Possible!


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