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First Issue Drawn ...

the project

Cheetasa is a superheroine - part cheetah, part teenage girl - magically created in the African savanna by animals who are disapointed with humans' care for the environment of our planet. The animals will Cheetasa into creation and charge her with one mission: to get the message of environmental consciousness out to the people of the world. Through her efforts, the animals hope to alter the course of humans' direct impact on their local eco-systems and in turn the environment of the planet. Cheetasa will reach the shores of America in her first 16-page installment.  Here in America she will raise awareness of issues like clean water within watersheds, pollinator gardening for bees, and reduction of waste.

Cheetasa will teach children practical things that they can do to make a difference right now in their homes or in their neighborhoods.  

Our project is to put this educational comic in the hands of as many young elementary school children as possible, free of charge.

the steps

The task of hand drawing, inking, then scanning followed by coloring is very labor intensive and so we are fundraising technical upgrades to move faster and to make a more polished final publication. 

A large part of costs will go to printing the comic for free public distribution. 

Having been an elementary school teacher myself for the Pittsburgh Public Schools for the last 7 years, I have excellent contacts with school principals who can help us distribute our literature once it's published.  An online publication will augment the hard copy distribution. Cheetasa will also have a Twitter account where she can answer questions in real time about improving our environment.

Our estimated timeline is to complete the first issue of the comic by end of August with distribution of physical copies and online publication starting by Fall of 2019.

why we're doing it

There's no better time to raise Americans' consiousness then when they're children. They will be the ones to change the negative trajectory of our planet to sustainabiltiy and harmony.  The sooner we put this issue in front of young people, the sooner and more often they will make real positive environmental changes in their personal decisions, their communities, and hopefully one day in the businesses and governments they will one day run.  My partner and I are proud to be a part of the most important human endevour: self preservation.



Publishing - $436.50

TOTAL RAISED = $450.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $13.50

  • Graphic design costs- $1200
  • Publishing hardcopies of the comic book- $2000
  • Outreach- $200
  • Webpage for an electronic publication of the comic book -$200
  • Artistry- $1000

    Project Subtotal =  $5,000
    ioby Platform Fee  $35
    ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $250
    ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150
    Total to Raise on ioby = $5,435


First Issue Drawn ...

We are nearing the completion of the first issue which will be on pollinator gardens. We decided to save the origin story for a latter issue and get right into the educational ideas we want to share with the kids. This first issue will contain a packet of pollinator seeds if we find the funding ... if you haven’t contributed yet, now is the time as we will begin production this summer! 



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  • Randy Wilburn
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  • Lori Como