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the project

Concerned Citizens Organized Against Lead (CCOAL) was created in 2005 by my daughter, Charmayne Brown, who was severely lead poisoned as a child, and myself, Robin Brown, her mother. We have been advocating for community prevention, intervention, and awareness since 1999. CCOAL consists of over 300 members associated with lead poisoned children; including parents, family, friends, and organizations who want to eliminate this “Silent Epidemic”. We are the only grassroots organization with a proven track record of reaching the community with healthy home awareness classes focusing on lead poisoning on the local, state and national levels. 

Through our flagship programs we've found creative ways to bring lead poison prevention, intervention awareness resources and healthy homes issues to parents, children, educators, social workers, and other community stakeholders throughout Cuyahoga County. This summer we’re hosting two monthly classes to reach the 3rd shift and 2nd shift worker and we provide childcare and provide nutritious meals for participants and their children. This year we’re giving away toolkits so parents know the right items to use in their homes to prevent lead laden dirt and other hazardous materials from entering the home and jeopardizing the health their families.


the steps

Door to door outreach

Lead cleaning technique demonstrations at local libraries

Enroll 400 families into the Lead Home Repair Program under the Cleveland Department of Development

Case-management through our network agencies and partners

Weekly classes over two month period (2nd shift and 3rd shift)

  • teach families how to prevent lead poisoning
  • teach intervention strategies for children already impacted
  • administer pre and post lead test to help gauge the impact of the knowledge gained
  • follow up with a quiz to ensure that participants retain and share what they have learned

Prepare members for leadership roles on the…

  • Healthy Home Advisory Council
  • Ohio Healthy Homes Board
  • National Center for Healthy Housing
  • East Cleveland Street Club
  • Coit Road Farmers Market Board
  • The Sierra Club

Create green jobs by training members to become certified…

  • EPA Lead Renovators
  • Asbestos Removal Contractors


why we're doing it

According to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, in 2009 approximately 13,484 Cleveland children were tested for lead and had results greater or equal to 5mg/dl. This means that 157% of Cleveland children were poisoned! Information derived from the Cuyahoga County GIS Systems Department 2010, US Census 2009, and Cuyahoga County Board of Health 2009. (EHW)

Our children deserve to be free of lead, so they can live healthy lives and become productive and adults, who have a chance at a normal life. As a parent of a severely lead poisoned child and the Founder of CCOAL, I know personally, how important strong lead awareness. We have the power to prevent more children from being poisoned and to treat the ones already affected but intervention can’t come soon enough because there is no safe level of lead in a child’s body.



we're hosting 20 classes with 20 people each so we'll need 1,600 flyers (400 flyers x 4 for distribution at medical clinics and local neighborhood daycares and schools) 

$3,000 for printing and marketing materials 

$600 for demonstration kits to give away at health fairs and demonstrate inexpaneive ways to prevent the spread of lead contamination in the home (with sponges, paper towels, spray bottle, cleaning supplies, door mats, etc) 

 $600 stipend for childcare providers (1 adult per 5 children)

$750 CPR certification class for childcare providers 

$1,500 nutritious food and drink for paritipants and children during 2 hour classes 

$8,000 giftcards for attendees 

$1500 stipend for the teachers/trainers 


Subtotal = 17,550
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $527
Total to raise = $18,112





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