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African American Mural Project

the project

We the People Growers Association (WTPGA) doesn't want to help the individual get better and then put them back into the same soil which made them sick to begin with. WTPGA wants to change the soil, then plant the seeds and watch them grow!

the steps

Some of these steps have already begun...we have tilled enough land to create 36 50ft x 3ft vegetable beds from which we have begun to harvest. So far WTPGA has harvested approx 200 lbs. of  quality organic kale (3 varieties) along with 2 varieties of Swiss chard and  collard greens. The plants are happily growing and include over 500 pepper plants, red storage onions, scallions and several types of culinary herbs. We've developed Farm to Table relationships with several restaurants in the local area.

Our next steps in the development of WTPGA are: 1) Hire one (1) man or woman returning home from incarceration, or having recently returned home (with some interest and or experience in gardening/farming). 2) To have this person assist in the continued buildout of our growing space which will include materials & supplies needed to extend the growing season. 3) Build semi-permanent storage units for both produce and supplies. 4) Marketing & promotional materials. 5) Administrative costs directly related to insurance & travel expenses.


why we're doing it

We know that mass incarceration is founded and perpetuated in racist, classist policies that target certain people. Those people are in my community and the harm that is done to them is unjust and of great importance to me. Having a criminal record creates innumerable barriers to gaining employment, securing housing, or simply reintegrating easily back into one's previous life. Changing the Norm would support my fellow neighbors in providing employment for those who have been formerly incarcerated. This would not only create jobs, but will also  help to break the stigma between "ex-offenders" and community members, law enforcement and other institutions that interact with the community. The farm would also allow for the community to come together in whatever way they see fit. For example, so far, many many children have stopped by and wanted to help out. I want this farm to be as much of there's as it is mine.


Hello Everyone! Just wanna say thank you for dropping by! I hope that the work I'm doing appeals to you.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 10/10/17):

RAISED = $5,378.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $155.62

One part time employee $2,500
Consultation/Legal fees $1,000
Insurance & travel cost $800
Prep/asses new land $500
Mkt/advertisement $350


UPDATED BUDGET (as of 8/4/17):

SUBTOTAL = $5,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $150



1) hiring one man or woman with farming experience returning home from

2) Marketing materials

3) Season extension materials

4) Soil enhancements (compost)

5) Direct administrative cost related only to travel expenses and insurance.

SUBTOTAL = $3,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $90



African American Mural Project

Hola Everyone!

I wish to invite you to an unveiling of a Food & Agricultural mural on Oct 13th, 6pm at the Ypsilanti Farmers Mkt on Washington St in Ypsilanti MI. I'm told that I will be one of the people  displayed on the mural (oh shucks!) :)

please come join me in this humbling event.

see link below:


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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