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the project

Your Turn Consignment hosts seasonal pop-up sales featuring gently used baby and kids items.  The mission of Your Turn Consignment is to provide a positive selling and shopping experience while encouraging community building and compassion for local charities.  The concept is simple: consignors prepare and price their items for sale with barcoded tags.   Items are organized similarly to a department store and the public is invited to shop for several days. Unsold items are returned to the seller or if designated as donations, to local charities.  The consignor receives payment for their sales.  This past fall we donated over 25 totes of clothes, shoes, and toys to BirthRight of Lorain County and Mercy Hospital Mothers’ Resource Group.  My goal is to invite more groups to get these donated items into the hands of families that need them instead of arbitrarily dumping them at a thrift store or worse, a landfill.  Groups I would like to connect with are county children’s services, refugee placement groups, and shelters of unhomed families.  Coincidingly,  we are creating a circular economy in the local community and offering resources for child safety and wellness temporarily organized at one location.  

     The additional funding received would expand our operations to include more vocational training opportunities for differently-abled adults from The Murray Ridge Center.  We donate a portion of our net proceeds each sale to Murray Ridge for their programs that assist people with disabilities from birth to adulthood and their families. I would like to offer an increased wage (to reflect the current market) for the contractors who work to prepare, list, and tag busy sellers' items for sale.  The funds for storage will provide space to sort, prepare and store sellers' inventory between seasons and the physical assets such as clothing racks, reusable signage, merchandise displays, etc.  The reusable bags will be used by shoppers who do not bring their own bag, wagon, or stroller to hold items as they shop.  Site procurement and insurance are anticipated for the Fall/Winter Sale since we have doubled, if not tripled, the number of consignors registered, inventory, and projected number of shoppers.  We will need a bigger space than we've had for past sales.  Also, as we add resources such as ChildWatch, Car Seat Safety Checks, Identification Kits for children, etc. we will need more event insurance. 

  My fourth pop-up consignment sale will be held on April 27-30, 2023.  Each sale has grown through word of mouth and social media marketing.  My vision is to continue to invite resources from and for the community so that the sale becomes almost a family festival of sorts.  In this way, I hope to improve the sustainability of a circular economy, increase the lifespan of baby and kids' clothing and items, expand the educational resources for young families and contribute to intergenerational equity.

the steps

Increase the number of contractors working to prep and tag items through the Consignor Concierge program (and their wages from $25 per 100 items to approximately $35 per 100 items) - immediately and ongoing

Increase marketing outreach for sellers to use the Concierge Service - immediately and ongoing

Research insurance policies for ChildWatch coverage and future events - March 6, 2023

Order reusable bags - March 15, 2023

Design and order signage  - March 24, 2023

Research best options for a storage unit  beginning in May - April 1, 2023

Search for the location of Fall/Winter Sale - June 1, 2023

why we're doing it

  It is such a pleasure to bring a new shopping and selling experience to Lorain County!  I grew up here, on the shores of Lake Erie, and never thought I would take the chance to move back.  I married a graduate from the Naval Academy and spent most of my time chasing after our kids and changing addresses, depending on where the Navy needed us.  Each move was a new adventure with memorable experiences and people.   But when retirement was on the horizon, we began looking to move closer to family and a move to Northeast Ohio called me back home.
             I had participated in similar consignment events when we were stationed down South.  One in particular Weepeats, in Augusta, GA, made quite an impression on me.  Not only was I able to make over $300 selling outgrown baby and kid items, but working the sale connected me with more people in the community and gave me the idea to one day create a sale of my own.  It took almost 14 years, but it is finally my turn to start this business and I am thrilled to kick it off close to where I grew up and with people who were part of my "original" community.  
          Being of service to others inspires me and is the reason I chose to seek out local charities that will benefit from the consignors' donated goods after the sale.    Selling gently used items in a collective location helps people save money and time, while also hopefully delaying excessive landfill dumping.  Plus, who doesn't like a quality bargain?  
          The mission statement of Your Turn Consignment is to provide a positive selling and shopping experience while encouraging community building and compassion for local charities.   I sincerely hope you will join me on this journey.  Let's do some good today!


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $462
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.

$2,000 - site procurement and event insurance

$250 - large and medium reusable shopping bags for use on site

$500 - yard signs for sale weekend (directions and advertising)

$300 - transportation of Consignor Concierge pick-up loads (gas, rented moving van)

$500 - sponsor matching dollars for YTC gift cards (families in need)

$2,700 - raise wages of contractors who get paid by volume of items prepared for sale; procure seamstress

$500 - secure on-site Child Watch with certified caregivers or sitters

$1,400 - 10 x 15 storage unit for racks, seasonal inventory, signage, supplies, etc. between sales



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