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the project

The mission of the Change Detroit Fund is to help organizations transform our communities. 100% of funds raised will go to organizations and youth programs that show the spirit of Detroit. The production of a concert series that will feature offerings from the industry leading artists, in addition to a great many bright young performers who need the real world stage experience to break through as polished artists. We believe that through all of these initiatives we can bring the thoroughly documented scientific benefits of entertainment  education to Detroit schools of all levels, provide local students real world performance and teaching opportunities crucially needed for professional development, and bring a unique style of concert presentation to our Concert Series. The greatest revolutions in art and culture have always come about because people embraced what they stood for, please help us to ignite a renaissance that has the power to transform our communities.

the steps

In order to launch our Change Detroit Fund organization we have planned numerous benefit concerts in addition to our crowdfunding efforts. Our success will involve the accomplishment of the goals described above, the production of our concert series as well as our innovative education program. Both of these will happen in various forms year round. 

why we're doing it

Entertainment, therefore, is not only a way of connecting with one another in the present but also of reaching out and touching those who lived before us. In our much loved home city of Detroit we see a chance to spread these great benefits of the arts on a scale that has not been done before. We see the chance to transform communities through both our concerts and education initiatives. As described above science has well documented the massive benefits the arts can have on a community and future generations, increasing brain plasticity and reversing the effects of poverty. We believe that it is the responsibility of members of a community to take actions to improve it when opportunities present themselves, and that is why we are embarking upon this project.


$25,000 Hires performers, covers theater rent and concert production costs, purchases sound equipment and instrument rentals, compensates the staff and employees, pays for the production costs of both educational and entertainment content of the YouTube Channel and other Seat Filler Productions.

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)    $1,361
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $816
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $27,212


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