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the project

    The proposed project consists of a Juneteenth Art Exhibition along with a narrative short film and Juneteenth inspired documentary which will all be made highly visible in the Northeast Ohio community. The short film titled (Mississippi: 1963) is a time period piece that focuses on a man who is at wits’ end due to recent events of racism both within the state of Mississippi and at his workplace. The effects will be seen through the eyes of both lead characters in an A-B format which will create two perspectives of the same issue. It will explore life conflicts for African Americans in the 1960's civil rights era. The Juneteenth Art exhibition will serve as a forum merging photography and canvas art with poetic thoughts to amplify freedom while celebrating the abolition of slaves. We will invite members from the public to attend for free. We will feature artwork from an array of artists that focuses on themes of freedom and Juneteenth. We will also feature a total of three poets presenting special Juneteenth spoken word pieces. Neither visual or spoken word artists will have to pay to present their work. Lastly, we will create a Juneteenth documentary featuring elders and entrepreneurs from the community. Through the Juneteenth art exhibit, local artists will be able to display their work proudly within the community. This will add financial impact as artists will be able to draw profit for their by selling pieces at the event. Unlike other exhibitions they will not have to pay an entry or submission fee; this opens the door for artists who would not otherwise be able to take part.

  With donations, the films created will feature lead cast members from the Kinsman and Buckeye neighborhoods. Dontae Hill will act as project manager using his experience with videography in the past by gathering local extras, set items, audio personnel, and graphic text editors. We as a group will use upcoming Cleveland media mixers to cast members from the community and possibly Karamu performers for acting positions as well. The films will be directed by Camelle Jones, Isaac Bixel, and Dontae as all three members have previous directing experience. Donations for the film portions of the project will cover video editing, color grading services, film audio enhancement, drone footage, Filmpac stock video clips, film submission fees, and copyrite registration. Thank You.


the steps

Notify group of sponsor acceptance and layout meetings. Nov 2019

List auditions for extra acting positions online Nov 2019/ Dec 2019

Principle shoot date for film  Nov.18, 2019/ Dec 8, 2019

Review footage and recommend changes as necessary Dec. 2019

Secure Showing for film Jan 2020

Gather set items and complete second film editing  (Documentary) Feb 2020/ Apr. 2020

Publicity materials, still images, and finished trailers Apr 2020

Submission for GCUFF May 5, 2020

Gather poets and artists; officially confirm for Juneteenth  May 18, 2020

Juneteenth Art and film Exhibition June 19, 2020

why we're doing it

The Juneteenth projects will cause different visual artists of several mediums to come together. The art show will be open to visitors of all races which will create community dialogues across race and age. Young artists will be able to bring youthful ideas and expressions to the ongoing conversation using themes of Juneteenth and freedom. The event will promote learning as many people are unaware of the African American Emancipation day and its origin which dates back to 1865. Race discussions will be at the forefront as artists explore and explain the African diaspora, abolition from slavery, and other ranging topics. We want to inspire and empower inner-city youth and spur a new crop of young filmmakers, therefore, we will host free showings of the films at the local venue. This project will show students that minority-based documentaries and narratives can be created here in Cleveland, Ohio and that passionate 'culture' based filmmaking can be done within the state. This will also change the community by creating on-screen diversity giving individuals the experience of working on film sets. Entrepreneurs will be able to speak about their business or organization and build their respective brands in the community attracting new shoppers or workers.


Disbursement Budget:

TOTAL RAISED = $201.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $10.05
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $6.03

Original budget:

Cinematography fee plus LED lights, tripods, rigs, scene backdrops, pre and post-production - $2,000

Film Submission Fees -$100

copyright registration  - $200

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)    $127
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $76
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $2,538



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