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Forrest Avenue neighbors love their butterfly sculptures cont'd

the project

The goal of the project is to give the residents in Carnes-Galloway neighborhood a sense of ownership and pride with their everyday lived environment. This project will build off of the work NPI has been doing by turning vacant lots into flourishing gardens that not only beautify the space but are supplying fresh food and restoring the native bee and butterfly population through repopulation of native host plants. One of the ways they have been doing this is by collaborating with other neighborhood partners like Memphis Medical District Collaborative and Bridges to create a butterfly installation that is designed by Celeste Rudd and Kaleob Elkins. The butterfly installations will not only create a sense of place but will also help create ownership and help launch NPI and Memphis City Beautiful’s Adopt-A-Block program where residents agree to formally “adopt” or maintain a defined area. The butterfly’s will lead the way, making the Adopt-A-Block program more tangible and visual.

the steps

  • Step 1: Purchase and Order all necessary materials for the artist

  • Step 2: Artist will fabricate butterflies and prepare for installation

  • Step 3: Finalize location of 14 butterflies

  • Step 4: Coordinate installation in the yards of neighborhood residents

why we're doing it

The “why” for this project begins and ends with the butterflies. Through our previous work in revitalizing the native host plant population via our community gardens the butterfly population has grown exponentially and has become the primary mascot for this neighborhood transformation initiative. The butterfly represents the unity, pride, and opportunity that is beginning to exist in Carnes-Galloway. What better way to connect residents, instill neighborhood pride, and promote community ownership and engagement than by using the butterfly to accomplish it all. In short, the butterfly is why we’re doing it, always has been, always will be.



RAISED = $75.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $2.18





Custom Laser Cutting - Aluminum


Custom Laser Cutting - Plexiglass




Metal for Free Standing Buterflies


Total Budget


Net Price per Butterfly


SUBTOTAL                                           $500

ioby Platform Fee                                   waived

Donation Processing Fee (3%)               $15

TOTAL TO RAISE                                $523




Forrest Avenue neighbors love their butterfly sculptures cont'd

Forrest Avenue neighbors love their butterfly sculptures


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