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the project

We want to add a low garden fence to our existing garden at the Decatur end of the Carnes Butterfly Trail.  We call this abandoned railroad corridor that runs north of and parellel to J.W. Williams Lane a butterfly trail because we have planted numerous native trees along the corridor that are host and nectar plants for butterflies.  

So far we have helped to convert abondoned lots into four gardens in the area: Carnes Garden; Carnes Garden East; Decatur Street Tree Garden; and Larrivee's Woods.  Volunteers have planted butterfly host and nectar plants in addition to helping build raised beds for growing vegetables.

Last fall, Eagle Scout Troops built two raised beds at the Decatur end of the railroad corridor/butterfly trail, filled them with good soil, and planted turnip greens, and spinach.  As a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year, volunteers added native trees.  Neighbor, James Alsobrook recently planted zinnias and okra in the raised beds.

the steps

We will first request a date and time for volunteers to assist in building the fence.  One of the volunteers will have experience in setting fence posts to serve as team leader to the other volunteers.  Second, we will purchase the materials listed in the budget.  Third, we will schedule a time to rent tools from the tool bank without charge.  Lastly, we will meet at the schedule time and build the fence.

why we're doing it

We want to add the low garden fence because it is the next step in the transformation of this formerly abandoned ground into a beloved garden in the Carnes Community.  A low post and rail fence like we have planned is an important element in recaiming this property on behalf of the people who lve in the neighborhood. 

We have built similar fences at the front of Carnes Garden East and Decatur Street Tree Garden.  Without a doubt they underscore the message that a previously thrown away as worthless property has been resurrected as a beautiful, productive garden and a source of pride for those who live nearby.

Relationship to "New Century of Soul" program goals

Transforming vacant and blighted lots into beautiful gardens, which are a source of inspiration and pride, is a service to the citizens and neighborhood near Carnes School.

Neighbor James Alsobrook works on these gardens every day putting in plants, keeping them watered and free of weeds.  He is a natural teacher and loves sharing his knowledge with neighbors and friends who often come by to visit the garden.


Disbursed Budget 7.25.19:

4x4x10 4 cedar posts $140

2x4x8 12 cedar boards $120

Bolts & other hardware $30

Concrete 4 $14

2 Stencils (decoration for concrete raised beds) $20

Paints, brushes & clean up cloths $36 

TOTAL RAISED = $360.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $10.80

Original Budget:

Cedar Post (4" x 4" x 10") - $35 x 4 = $140

Cedar Post (2" x 4" x 8") - $10 x 12 = $120

Bolts/Hardware - $30

Concrete - $3.50 x 4 = $14

Subtotal = $304


ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $9

Total to Raise on ioby= $348


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