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Shore Blvd between Ditmars Blvd and Hoyt Ave South
Queens (Astoria)
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Thank you! Astoria Water Walk 2010 a success!

the project

This project will close the streets down to traffic on these days and open the street up to people! By doing this, we are improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions on the street as well as allowing and encouraging families and children to move freely. It is a project we are undertaking in hopes of enhancing park use, improving air quality, and encouraging additional active recreation spaces to address childhood and adult obesity.

the steps

The Astoria Park Alliance will program Shore Blvd for three consecutive Sundays in August including coordinating with music with Astoria Music and Arts, waterfront visioning activities with Green Shores NYC and Partnerships for Parks, a swap with GrowNYC, fitness programs led by the Rock Health and Fitness, food tastings with Edible Queens, and more fun for all. Additional support is coming from NYC Dept of Parks & Recreation, Build It Green!, and the NYC Dept of Transportation. A team of volunteer programming experts have been working on the events of the day, but some essential equipment is needed to pull the event together.

why we're doing it

The Astoria Park Alliance has been working with the DOT for three consecutive Sundays (August 1, 8, 15)of street closures on Shore Blvd in Astoria. Shore Blvd is the lone street between Astoria Park and the East River waterfront and is the promenade of the neighborhood. Cars typically monopolize the street, speed down the road and create dangerous crossing conditions for pedestrians. The cars also pollute the air and pose as an obstacle to what Shore Blvd is naturally, which is a waterfront promenade for the neighborhood.


$500 for sound equipment (speakers, mixer, technician) $400 for equipment rental (tables, chairs, presentations) $400 for a generator $300 for banners $300 for performance equipment and transportation $100 for hydrating beverages


Thank you! Astoria Water Walk 2010 a success!


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