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Grand Opening - April 30, 2016

the project

We are building a free, community run tool library. Community members will be able to check out tools and other useful things, use the workshop, take classes, and bring in items to get help fixing them. We hope that this will help people buy less, throw less stuff away, learn new skills, and meet their neighbors.

Before we open we need to build out and improve the space. We will build shelves to store all the great tools people will be checking out. We will also build the moveable work benches people will use when they come to work in the space. We will also be updating the bathroom to make it ADA compliant.

the steps

August:Finish design for bathroom, shelves, work benches, and storage area.

September: Buy materials. Work parties to build shelves, work benches, and remodel bathroom (with plumber's help of course).

October: Open tool library and workshop

Forever: Operate library to build community

why we're doing it

We love our busy urban neighborhood, but living in small spaces presents unique challenges. We don't have room to store those useful things we need now and again but don't use regularly, like a circular saw, ice cream maker, or a table for twelve. Perhaps our small living  spaces help us see more easily a problem that all Americans face: it is wasteful and expensive for all of us to buy and own things that we don't regularly use. By sharing tools and other durable goods, we can shrink our environmental footprint (impact on the planet) while maintaining convenient access to things that make our lives better. Our vision for the library is broader than just sharing tools, however. We also want to provide a space where people can come together to work on projects and share skills and talents with one another. We want to build a strong and resilient community in the heart of Seattle's densest urban neighborhood.


I could put together a quality design, high yield-high efficiency design for your movable benches. Any specifications required? Keeping it simple, keeps it strong, long lasting, and safe. Let me know if you have drawings yet. Design aspects are: material preference, finish, height, width, depth. Load requirements, locking casters. Caster type; rubber, poly. What are the floors of the facility? Table dimensions and custom design for ADA (disabilities) Let me know, I am in NC so I will have to email the document. Wellness
Markwilliam, we would love some design help. Can you write us at and we can chat about it? Thanks, gina


Disbursement Budget:

Capitol Hill Tool Library Campaign Total and Breakdown
Total Amount Raised $4,431.00  
ioby Platform Fee $35.00 Paid by New Dream
ioby Donation Processing Fee 3% $122.11 Paid by New Dream
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 5% $203.52 Paid by New Dream
Disbursement Amount to Project $4,431.00  

Shelving: $1000
Check out kiosk: $250
New bathroom fixtures: $750
Moveable work benches/tables ($200 each): $200
Insulated Steel door : $1000
Four LED 4' long light fixtures: $800
Miscellaneous materials (sheetrock, insulation, paint): $431
Total budget: $4431


Original Budget:

SUBTOTAL = 4,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $200
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $120

Shelving: $1000

Check out kiosk: $250

New bathroom fixtures: $750

Moveable work benches/tables ($200 each): $200

Insulated Steel door : $1000

Four LED 4' long light fixtures: $800

Total budget: 4000


Grand Opening - April 30, 2016

Thank you to our donors!

Our project featured on ioby's national blog!

Read more about our work on ioby's blog post here! Don't forget to share!


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