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2016 Workshops

the project

Pittsburgh Retail has helped plan local business operations and pop-up markets throughout the city for the last four years. PGHretail’s North Side event, Cedar Arts Market, supports makers, artists, craftsman, and is looking to encourage others to become Micro-Entrepreneurs. CAM vendors will deliver educational workshops. In addition, we’ll be working on a published resource book so PGHretail can continue to help others to grow their businesses, capitalize on underutilized resources, and build stronger communities through their operations.

the steps

  • Coordinate with host, HEY! Baby Boutique for workshop content, confirm venue(s), and continued outreach for participation.
    Workshop descriptions and dates will be found at: 

  • Develop content, conduct interviews, and organize a public release for March 2016.

  • Continue growing workshops, partnered events, and additional micro-entrepreneur materials through 2016 - 2017.

why we're doing it

Hyper-locally, and through my own personal experience, the traditional workforce infrastructure has cracked and widened over the years.  Competition, federal regulations, and other issues that are outside our region’s control have led to a large pool of underutilized labor, resources, and talent.  The forecasted trend of employment is an increase in the zero-hour employee, contract work, and entrepreneurial initiatives. Micro-entrepreneurs are a new species of business folks who are operating within the new share-economy the recession has unleashed. Through these workshops and resource guides, PGHetail will be providing navigational tools to those yet unexposed to the concept and begin building the groundwork for individual financial security by addressing market needs in their communities.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 12.15.15):

The following is an updated budget for review and approval for release of raised funds. Having finished the first round of workshops, and four additional classes slated for 2016, some insight was gathered on how to best utilize funds in order to further outreach, increase attendance, and impact more individuals who would benefit from the exposure of mobile registers, financial reporting, and utilizing digital forms.

$300 Workshop creation and presentation for six events 

$120 Marketing Resources and Outreach

$320 Additional Advertising + Material Costs 

RAISED = $740.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
 Payment Processing Fee of 3% (paid for by The Sprout Fund) $21.55


Workshop host compensation: $375

Workshop venue fees: $650

Marketing printing materials for workshops: $110

Resource guide materials: $100

Total: $1,235

SUBTOTAL = $1,235
ioby Platform Fee (paid for by The Sprout Fund) $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3% (paid for by The Sprout Fund) $37



2016 Workshops

Visit for workshop details for January, February, March, and April 2016

Date/Time with Description Update

Location:TBA (in the Northside of Pittsburgh)

Wednesday’s from 6:00PM – 8:00PM


Seating is limited to 12 people on a first come, first save basis.  Attendance is free and requires email confirmation. Cancellations require a phone call 48 hours in advance of the event if you've scheduled for more than one workshop. Any no call/no shows after the 48 hour deadline will be removed from future seats in the 2015 series for the next registrar.   




September 30th: “Square Reader; Outside the Box”

Join us for best practices and tips regarding the mobile card-swiping device, Square.  Go over the basics, how to build an inventory, and run reports with their new features.  There will be one-on-one work after the tutorial demonstration. Q/A to follow. 


October 28th: “Taxes; Minimal Prep to Maximize You Write-Offs”

Overview of what expenses are deductible, best practices for bookkeeping, online filing tips for state and federal tax returns, how to easily prepare reports quarterly, and special guest CPA for a Q/A. 


November 18th: “Utilizing Excel and Google Docs for Best Practices”

Get organized in the cloud using Google docs, including use of Excel spreadsheets with functions, table creation, and create invoices from new template features in Word. 


December 16th: “Open Help Session & Holiday Party”

There will definitely be cookies! Ongoing participants registered will be able to shape this time over the course of the series.


2016 Workshops

“Hobby-to-Home Business Prep”

To be held in early 2016. If interested, fill out the registration form to get on the mailing list.



Questions? Email 

We appreciate your support! See what we can give back to you for your help.

As a big Thank You! to everyone who donates, we will send you an email report after the workshop series with what was shared, what we learned, and what's next! So, even if you're unable to make a workshop, you'll still receive a part of each class. =D


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