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the project

The East Harlem Education Center’s café and Entrepreneurship Program for high school scholars addresses a number of needs within East Harlem’s community. With obesity and diabetes rates at almost double the rates of Manhattan, expanding peoples’ access to healthy and affordable food throughout East Harlem is one of EHTP’s top priorities. The project both addresses these pertinent health needs of the community with a new option for affordable, healthy food through Café Blue, and also works to fulfill EHTP’s mission of providing East Harlem families with more comprehensive academic and developmental support by bolstering economic opportunity with valuable entrepreneurial skills that will lead students to success later in life. The café focuses on offering high school students internship and business experience, aimed at continuously building and further developing East Harlem Community’s business pipeline. An award from the Healthy Neighborhood Challenge will support two critical café developments. First, we will begin sourcing our coffee from Uptown Roasters, a local East Harlem café that obtains its coffee beans from fair trade farmers. Second, the award will support expanding Café Blue’s hours in the morning and to include breakfast menu items, increasing East Harlem’s access to healthy food options even more. With deep roots in the community, EHTP is fully committed to supporting local businesses and responding to the needs of the community. As a community meeting place, Café Blue provides citizens of East Harlem with diverse, affordable, healthy food options, a need voiced in a survey administered to the community. In addition, the entrepreneurship goals of the Community Café also serve to provide the East Harlem Community with citizens who are well versed, educated, and hold the skills to take their knowledge and business expertise, learned from managing the café, throughout East Harlem.

the steps

Cafe Blue will provide East Harlem Scholars Acadmies scholars and families and the entirity of the East Harlem community with access to healthy and affordable food by offering a diversity of menu items that have been determined through a community survey. In the coming months, Cafe Blue we will expand Cafe Blue's menu offerings and extend its open hours. 



why we're doing it

With obesity and diabetes rates at almost double the rate of Manhattan, and unemployment rates at 12%, this project addresses pertinent challenges children and families face in the East Harlem community. A community meeting point, the café provides East Harlem with expanded access to healthy and affordable food and allows students to gain business experience through our entrepreneurship internship.




RAISED = $280.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $8.16


    ioby disbursement
Food and Beverage  $271.84  $271.84
Total Food and Beverage Budget  $4,638.00  



SUBTOTAL = $4,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $120



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